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Transverse baby at 36 weeks

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Eskarina Sun 17-Jul-11 23:20:44

Has anyone had experience of a transverse baby at 36 weeks? I have my MW appt on Tues and want to be a bit prepared for what she might say/suggest.
Baby had been head down for ages until just over a week ago when he/she went loopy and somersalted all over the place and seemed to settle down sideways. I know this is where it ended up as I went into hosp to be monitored due to lack of movement and this is what the mw and obstatrician there reckoned. It's definitely still in approx the same position it was then.

How late do they leave it before they start doing nasty things like ECV or recommending a CS?

BagofHolly Mon 18-Jul-11 00:49:18

I don't know how long they leave it, but if he's absolutely transverse AND you have a lot of fluid there can be a risk of cord prolapse if you go into labour. That's what happened to me at 34 weeks and I was admitted on the spot and delivered at 36 weeks. That was with twins though, and they couldn't/wouldn't do ecv. Hope he gets his head in place soon!

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