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Scared at 36 weeks - braxton hicks? Pls reply!

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oinkyoink Sun 17-Jul-11 20:44:37

i am having regular braxton hicks for the past 1.5- 2 hours, they come every couple of minutes - is this ok ie normal? it doesn't mean i am going into labour necessarily does it? there is a cramp-like pain that accompanies them too. really hope it's not the start of labour... have others had similar and it then subsides/stops? also have had the feeling of needing to poo a few times today as well and am nervous my body is doing that clearing out thing in prep for labour... thanks.

CBear6 Sun 17-Jul-11 20:51:36

If the Braxton-Hicks are coming regularly for a few hours then it could well be labour, I thought my last labour was BH contractions to begin with. Give the Maternity Assessment Unit a ring and see what they say, it's best to get it checked.

sittinginthesun Sun 17-Jul-11 20:56:40

I would phone the unit too. My DS2 was born at 36 weeks, and my labour started in a very similar way. Then my waters broke and the contractions became stronger.

Is this your first? Don't panic. 36 weeks is fine, and it sounds as though your body is just preparing gently.

oinkyoink Sun 17-Jul-11 21:11:50

Thanks. Called them and they said to go in so am on way now. It's my second dc, first was born at 37 weeks which is another reason to suspect it could be labour. So nervous. No one to mind dd so am in a taxi alone. Dh will arrange childcare and then come in if need be.

Moodykat Mon 18-Jul-11 10:42:45

What happened? Was it labour?

sittinginthesun Mon 18-Jul-11 16:45:07

Hope you're okay. x

oinkyoink Mon 18-Jul-11 22:26:08

They kept me in hospital for the night as they said they were more than just Braxton hicks... Quite painful but took painkillers and fell asleep eventually. Home now and contractions subsided. Just wondering when it'll properly kick off. The million $$$$$ question!!!

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