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DH is PINK!!!

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Oeisha Sun 17-Jul-11 12:15:52

So, DH has come home from visiting a friend and is pink, pretty much allover...
...and itchy and fed up and the rash is 'painful' and now exceedingly tired as it's kept him awake all night. Kinda like he's been sunburnt, but not on his outer joint knees or face. No other signs of measles, meningitis etc...
Temp is fine... We think it's some kind of allergy, but can't think of a source at home (no changes in laundry stuff, body washes etc). DH is currently blaming the chinese he ate Friday, but you'd have though that would have gone down by now if that were it...
Out of hours doc is (usually) based an hour away in Derby or Chesterfield (really helpful) and they'd just tell us to go to a&e if we're that worried.
Phoned NHS direct and they're v. busy, but a nurse will eventually get back to us....they didn't seem at all concerned that I am pregnant (13/14wks). They also don't want him to take anything (antihistamines etc) until the nurse had got back to us. Poor sod!
Any ideas?

rockinhippy Sun 17-Jul-11 15:55:44

You've probably heard back from them by now, but my guess is its the MSG in the chines food - some restaurants/takeaways are a bit to handy with it & a lot of people are intolerant - it affects my DD badly, bother her skin, as you describe & her stomach, with pain & diareah

if it is that, then antihistamine will help, as will a soothing bath with oats & lavender & something like calomine lotion - hope he's better soon

Oeisha Sun 17-Jul-11 17:51:34

Thank you rockinhippy. They think it's an allergic reaction. We had to show the rash to a pharmacist in the end on the advice of NHS direct.
He's taking piriton and we've got a thick, Benadryl cream (smells like calomine lotion). He feels a bit better, but not much...difficult to tell how pink he is thanks to the cream.
I have some oat-so-simple in the cupboard, but I doubt that'll work, as I don't think I have lavendar as it gives me migraines (and I know DH won't have any). Will have eucalyptus, tea tree, bergamot but I doubt I'll have anything else...if it's still there tomorrow I'll go get him some calomine and other yummies.

lolajane2009 Sun 17-Jul-11 17:54:43

i got that on both my hands a few weeks ago from some antibac hand wash i used a home... so annoying as it was really sore too... finally cleared up after a week.

Oeisha Tue 19-Jul-11 19:54:45

He was getting worse yesterday, so I turfed him to GP, who now has him on steroids...they're working, less itchy now, but is in a fair bit of pain as the nerves recover! He's now back to being pink and not red/purple.
Still no idea what cased the reaction :S

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