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30wks pg and seriously sore nipples!

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Sewmuchtodo Sat 16-Jul-11 19:27:13

I don't know why but I have really sore they are on fire! Any advice as to how to make this stop? I want to cry :-(

AKMD Sat 16-Jul-11 21:29:22

You can get re-usable cooling breast pads to put inside your bra, which might help. I've seen these ones in Babies R Us and online.

otchayaniye Sat 16-Jul-11 21:34:38

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have sore nipples. But then I'm feeding a three year old who senses imminent change and has seriously upped her demands.

Having said that, feeding earlier in pregnancy was extremely painful.

You have my sympathies.

Sewmuchtodo Sat 16-Jul-11 22:18:00

Thanks AKMD, I shall go have a look tomorrow. The pain is only really extreme when I am tired and have done too much.....perhaps I should simply rest more!

Otchayaniye, gosh you are tougher than me. Do you plan to tandem feed? I stopped with DC1 just before I fell pregnant with DC2 (she is now almost 7 so not exactly an issue now) x

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