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35w Q about pelvic pain and discharge - potential TMI

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Eviepoo Thu 14-Jul-11 20:33:39


1) I am getting BH - big time, most evenings now and sometimes in the day too.
2) In the past 2 days my pelvis is hurting, especially on an evening when I am more tired, it's just above my foof, below my bump kind of like a big pressure
3) - The TMI bit - In the last couple of days I have been getting way more discharge, it's not stinky, it's quite yellowy in colour but has a slight greeny or orangy pinky tinge to it ...what does this mean? I've had way more than normal all way through PG - but amount is way more again now.

I thought - is this urine infection. but I had a urine sample done at clinic on Monday and it was fine, but this only really stated as wee bit Tuesday - but mostly from yesterday.
In addition I am sweating overtime! this is making me so itchy. I'm taking 2 tepid showers a day to wash the sweat off so I am not as itchy, but I am getting irritated rashes in those places where sweat gathers. (increased temp could mean infection couldn't it?) (equally my increased size and the warm weather can be causing this)

So is this a sign that PG is getting close to end - especially the pelvis hurting - could this be baby engaging?

it's just DD is almost 12 and I can't remember

UTI - or just getting to the end of PG - what would you say?

PS not seeing midwife til a week I guess I could phone tomorrow and ask her.

JenniL1977 Thu 14-Jul-11 21:23:18

Hi Evie <waves from August thread smile>
I'm the same doll. Pressure feeling is probably baby's got his/her head down (I'm 3/5 engaged as of last week, so I would say is normal). I've got loads of BH too. Discharge could just be that you're gearing up for it all kicking off; my mw said to expect more discharge, but ask her to swab you next week for thrush and strep b.
If you're worried, call her - she won't mind, that's her job.
Hope you're feeling ok otherwise though x

Eviepoo Thu 14-Jul-11 21:37:17

Thanks Jenni... good to know you are feeling the same..Im actually 34+4 not yet 35w...what stage are you at now?....and I am guessing the 1977 bit in your name means you are too a 77 baby like me smile

JenniL1977 Fri 15-Jul-11 09:43:54

Hi Evie, I'm 35+2 today, so we're not so far apart! We'll probably have birthday sharing babies smile
Yep, 77 was a good year grin a particularly good vintage I feel!

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