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Lakes 20% of placental mass help/advice!!!

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paternal Thu 14-Jul-11 18:26:41

Hello everyone,

Really worried and don't know if I should be.

My OH went for a 32 week growth scan today and the result is:

Heart action present, fetal movement visible, presentation cephalic, amniotic fluid normal, cord 3 vessels, placenta anterior high, grannum grade 1, lakes 20% of placental mass.

Now the sonagrapher has booked another scan in 4 weeks because she said the placenta is old but has not explained anything else to us. She told us not to worry but her last comments to my OH were, we're not sure if your placenta can transfer enough nutrients and oxygen to the baby. Bye.

Yeah, right like we're not going to worry!!!

Any advise or experience would be much appreciated.


paternal Sat 16-Jul-11 08:23:11


I don't really like to bump, but really looking to see if anyone else has had this or advice.

Pastabee Sat 16-Jul-11 08:42:24

Hi paternal, I'm sorry, I don't know what that means but I'm going for rescan in 2 weeks due to baby being in wrong position for all movements to be taken. Clearly less serious than potential placenta problem but just wanted to illustrate how we were treated by hospital.

The sonographer explained fully and she asked a midwife to have a quick chat with DH and I just to reassure us nothing to worry about. We didn't feel particularly worried because we understood what they meant anyway but I feel we were treated properly in the circumstances and I don't think you have been.

I would phone and explain you don't understand something in your notes and why you need to go back and ask for a more detailed explanation. They can't refuse to explain surely?

imip Sun 17-Jul-11 05:38:04

Yes, definately contact mw/consultant and ask for further information... No, they definately shouldn't refuse to give you further information. You have every right to understand what is going on in your pregnancy...

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