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baby has been transverse but midwife now says head is almost in position!

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johnnyd1 Wed 13-Jul-11 14:54:22

Hi ladies
Luce (my wife) is now 37 + 3 and, after battling through hyperemesis at the beginning, has had baby-to-be lying transverse throughout pregnancy. However, just when we felt the midwlife was about to send us for a scan and possibly get us in for elective c-section, she says now that the baby's head is in position and that we wont go through c-section!! even though luce says his legs see are still seemingly in transverse and feet are still under ribs (to the right)... anyone else gone through similar? x

nannyl Wed 13-Jul-11 15:07:13

if babies feet are under ribs, and head is down then surely a vaginal birth its the best option?

Many many babies turn at the last minute anyway.

my baby is head down, and i certainly feel its feet poking my ribs! Im 31 weeks.

I cant imagine why you would opt for a c section when there is every chance your baby can be birthed naturally which is safer for baby and your wife (if baby is now in correct position)

nunnie Wed 13-Jul-11 15:13:38

I am 29 weeks and my baby is head down with bum under ribs so legs will be to the side I presume.

I personally (this is my 3rd) leave it to the professionals as all the feeling of my bump I never myself been able to work out the position.

If your wife is still worried I am guessing there will be another appointment with midwife, if not she can always make one to have a chat about her concerns.

spilttheteaagain Wed 13-Jul-11 15:20:03

Congratulations on the baby finally going head down! I'm in a similar position myself, baby was breech for ages but has finally sorted herself out and started to engage (34+4)

For an optimally positioned baby (Left Occiput Anterior), you feel the feet on the right and just under the ribs. Have a look at the spinning babies site for diagrams to show how the baby is positioned.

johnnyd1 Wed 13-Jul-11 15:23:48

Thank you. nanny the reason we have discussed c section is because the last time my wife saw the midwife she had said that if the baby stays in transverse lie position then by 37weeks (i.e. this week) there would be a high chance a scan would be taken and my wife would be going in for a c-section as it would be considered a threat should she go into labour with the baby still lying horizontal. It still appears to be lying that way to my wife yet the midwife today stated the head seems to almost in position. If anything this has just confused my wife and I as we were all ready to prepare for elective c-section

sprinkles77 Wed 13-Jul-11 15:28:20

my SIL had transverse lie at 37 weeks, was advised to bounce loads on the birthing ball, which she did and baby was head down the following week. Followed by very short labour at 41 +3

buttonmoon78 Wed 13-Jul-11 15:49:06

I have had three awkward babies - one transverse, one breech, one which has flitted from breech to transverse and back again.

Don't worry too much about the movements - even now (and I know that it is head down and engaged) I still worry!

And it is a major adjustment - when you have been expecting and gearing up towards a section, to discover that you are more likely facing a VB can be a bit of a facer. Presumably in the same way that if you felt you were all good to go for a VB and then had to have an cs.

It is safer for your wife to go through a VB if all is well and a normal, natural VB is safer for your baby too as it stimulates breathing etc but I know from experience that it can play havoc with your head to have so many variables!

Good luck. If it helps, #4 turned from oblique to head down a fortnight ago today. It's still head down and I'm booked for induction (unrelated) on Friday.

johnnyd1 Wed 13-Jul-11 16:06:48

you're stars! thank you x

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