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anyone who has had or is having twins

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laylasmummy09 Wed 13-Jul-11 11:08:50

My sister asked me to ask you ladies; is it normal to be feeling babies move at 10 weeks or is that too early and just wind???
And as her twins have the same amniotic sack but seperate placentas will they be identical or not??
I can't find any info on this type of twin seperation can anyone help??? T I A x

outthere Wed 13-Jul-11 11:53:36

I think 10 weeks may be a little early to be honest but I guess it could be possible. I first felt my boys move at 18 weeks.

I think sharing an amniotic sac means they'll be identical but don't quote me on this! Obviously the best person to ask is the midwife - I'm surprised the sonographer didn't say...

HTH and hope I haven't inadvertantly misinformed you...

outthere Wed 13-Jul-11 12:00:41

Actually - are you sure they share a sac but not the placenta?

If you type diamniotic dichorionic into Goolge you can read about it in Wikipedia. It seems to imply that you can have twins sharing a sac and a placenta or have separate sacs and the same placenta. It doesn't say anywhere that it is possible for twins to share a sac but not a placenta.

From what I remember when I was pregnant with the boys anything other than dichorionic/diamniotic (each had their own placenta and sac) was identical.

mamadivazback Wed 13-Jul-11 12:12:39

Hi and congrats to your sister, twins are great fun smile

10 weeks is very early to be feeling movements so my guess is that it would be wind or possibly that horrid flippy stomach you get when they first start moving around before definate kicks <boak>

I would say that the 2 placenta's suggest fraternal with a shared sac but this is'nt always the case. MOST identical twins share a placenta and have seperate sacs but it's not uncommon for a placenta to fuse and give the impression of one.

Should also add that just because they may be fraternal twins does not mean they won't look alike, a famous case of this is the Olsen twins who look identical but are genetically fraternal.

mamadivazback Wed 13-Jul-11 12:18:15

*Shared sac suggest identical not fraternal blush

Fraternal twins share nothing.

laylasmummy09 Wed 13-Jul-11 14:03:55

Thankyou everyone I am very confused by the serperate placentas because I could only find info on twins who share a sac but also share placenta, I personally think they will be identical but the sonographer wouldn't answer and the midwife had no idea, thanks for replying x

silverangel Wed 13-Jul-11 15:45:00


I agree with the others, 10 weeks is very early to feel movement.

From what I've read, (which is a lot while on sick leave for a bad back!), I haven't seen anything about seperate placentas within the same sac. Did they write anything on the notes like MCMA / MCDA / DCDA? Also, guessing it was an internal scan, did they scan internally - at my first scan at eight weeks they did an internal to see if they could see a seperating membrane within the sac which there was and they could see internally but not through the normal scan. They be able to see more at the 12 week scan.

Hope your sister enjoys her pregnancy!

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