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Spa treatments are they safe in 1st trimester????

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foxylady123 Wed 13-Jul-11 10:14:34

I'm 8 weeks pg today and am due to go for a spa day next Tues. I Know some oils can be bad but are Indian head massage and facials safe if the first trimester????

Folicacid Wed 13-Jul-11 11:16:24

Facials definitely fine, indian head massgae I'd ask your therapist. Can't have other massages in first tri and no sauna, steam room, jacuzzi etc due to overheating. It sucks!

saoirse86 Wed 13-Jul-11 11:48:32

When I was 12 weeks but thought I was 9 weeks I went to a spa. I ticked the box on the health form to say I was pg but no one said anything so I assumed it was fine. I had a full back and head massage and a facial, and used the jacuzzi.

I found out afterwards that I shouldn't have done all that so I guess they didn't read the form. Make sure you actually tell them and don't rely on them reading it.

Have a good time too smile

madeindevon2 Thu 14-Jul-11 14:01:44

much depend on therapist. I'm currently away and spa here won't massage me ( some do special massage for pregnant ladies. Facial should be fine.
Always tell them tho. Some oils can't be used during pregnancy and overheating should be avoided... Like sauna.
I think jacuzzi avoid due to risk of infection? Depending on the place that's one "rule" I'd be tempted to break!

springboksaplenty Thu 14-Jul-11 14:07:41

If you don't want everyone to know, ring ahead and ask.

I was incredibly lax during my pg about what could and could not be done blush. I had a full on turkish massage at 13/40 - it was delightful grin

Bartimaeus Thu 14-Jul-11 15:52:57

Massages are ok IF they use the right oils (can't remember what oils are to be avoided though - you'll have to ask, they should know). I had one at 8 weeks and I was ok lying on my front still. They just didn't massage my stomach at all.

I also had one at 26 weeks - for my back she got me to sit up, then did the rest with me lying on my back (again avoiding the stomach area!). 'Twas absolute bliss. grin

As for saunas I would avoid them as babies can't regulate their temperature and it's risky. I would also avoid jacuzzis but that's for hygiene reasons (I think) and I've only just recovered from a nasty bout of cystitis so am probably biased!!!

foxylady123 Thu 14-Jul-11 19:45:52

Thanks for all the great advice. I think i will ring in advance and tell them. It's a good spa so i trust the therapist will be qualified enough to know what she is doing it's just hard to know whats ok and whats not especially as little bambino isn't moving yet so there's no reassurance at this early stage . Yeah i'd heard that about jacuzzi's and saunas i may just dip my feet in the jacuzzi wink

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