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Flying in early pregnancy

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Bella30 Tue 12-Jul-11 19:28:54

DH and I are hoping to go on holiday end of August/beginning of Sept at which point I will be just 11 weeks pregnant. We were originally thinking about Thailand which is obviously a 12+ hour flight - has anyone got any advice on flying long haul at this stage? We've heard conflicting opinions...

muzzy2011 Tue 12-Jul-11 19:38:51

I did a 5 hour flight at 10 weeks and did not even worry about it. I would do 12 hours too,just make sure you walk about as your more at risk of DVT. To be honest I was more worried about eating something dodgy abroad than the actual flying....

SootySweepandSue Tue 12-Jul-11 19:45:17

My main concern would be nausea which may or may not be an issue for you.

Please remember travel insurance too. I was scanned in a Thai hospital and the service was most excellent smile.

Beccabop Thu 14-Jul-11 01:53:57

11 weeks is neither here nor there for flying issues, you should be absolutely fine smile
I flew at 24+ weeks and was fine.

JimmyChoo17 Thu 14-Jul-11 08:43:17

I flew to Thailand at 11 weeks!! came back just before week 14. What I would recommend is getting your nuchal scan booked in for your return didn't even think a bout the timing when we booked. Got back with 3 days to spare before cut off date!

I personally had 2 losses previous to being pregnant this time (I'm now 39+5) but as things were looking so well I went ahead. Drs gave me all clear and I booked a scan before I went just for my own peace of mind. So if u have no issues then I would say go.

How is your sickness if u have any? I had sickness from 4pm every day but it eased off whilst away BUT I have to admit that the last 2 hours into Bangkok I was very sickly (but not sick) and tired even tho I hydrated like mad and coming back to heathrow I pretty much threw up the last 3 hours. I was sick whilst away but found it much more bearable mainly because u r not rushing around at home.

Who are u flying with? as would recommend taking plenty of snacks if your airline doesn't offer them throughout the flight. The obvious things are a must, flight socks, keep active, book an aisle seat so can pee (or puke) at will! Stay hydrated, let cabin crew know u r pregnant. A good crew will help you stay hydrated and if u do feel bad in flight they can monitor you and be on hand if needed. They are trained to do so plus when u really feel rubbish they'll queue jump u if needed at the loo or give u extra bread rolls, bland food to eat. I work for an airline too (not crew tho) and see reports of what happens in flight and pregnancy really doesn't affect that mny people.

I love to holiday and this baby has travelled so many places and he or she is not even born yet.

As everything was ok it didn't really stop us whilst there. A few earlier nights and cowering under the sun umbrella more. Be warned the heat is very different to deal with when pregnant. I don't think that's too high a season to go but will still be hot. We went on elephant treks, speedboats etc. I just always told our guide and they really looked after us, even got us the slowest mildest elephant to ride and took us off to meet ele babies!

A cautionary word one poster has said above, I would be careful with food. I've been to Thailand twice and the first time I caught salmonella and a very nasty bug on top of that from eating those yummy pancakes at the side of the road. Due to not being treated right and being given incorrect results in the had a very nasty consequence or me! So this time round I was very careful where I ate and what I ate....and no matter how nice the street vendors food look.....I would say don't take the risk.

Make sure u have insurance that covers pregnancy and take your notes with you.

Also if u want to indulge in massages, buy a small bottle of john sons baby oil for them to use on you then you don't ave to worry about what oils are being used.

Man I've gone on but I loved Thailand, if u and baby are well, go for it!

naturalbaby Thu 14-Jul-11 08:49:59

I flew to new york when i was a few weeks pregnant. can't remember any problems, my main concern was the airport scanner! (pfb moment)

CopeyCat Thu 14-Jul-11 13:49:16

I also flew 6 hrs at 13 weeks pregnant and it was just fine. To be honest the most risky thing for me would have been if I felt sick during the flight and being unable to hide away anywhere. Luckily Flight fine, baby fine.
Do watch hygiene and stomach upsets though in Thailand. Amazing country but if you want to avoid high risk then head to Miami - beaches are great and wee bit closer. Good luck.

strandednomore Thu 14-Jul-11 13:53:39

I flew to Thailand from...Jamaica when I was about 2 weeks pregnant (didn't know it at the time) - look at a globe, it is literally the other side of the world. I then flew back to the UK from Thailand at about 5 weeks; the UK to Jamaica at about 9 weeks; Jamaica to Miami and back twice at 12 weeks and 20 weeks; and finally Jamaica back to the UK at about 35 weeks.

As far as I know, there has been no damage done. Dd1 is nearly 6 and a very happy, bright, healthy little thing.

fraktious Thu 14-Jul-11 13:54:49

I flew long haul several times in pregnancy, including around 11 weeks. Absolutely fine, just take sensbile precautions.

KittyChat Thu 14-Jul-11 16:09:18

I flew to NZ at 12 weeks (two 12+ hour flights, back to back).

I was fine. You've had good suggestions on this thread. Plenty of water (loads and loads), get an aisle seat, take whatever you can on the plane to make you feel human (a spray bottle with water inside for your face helped me).

I found the worst bit was the jet lag, if I were you I'd look up as many natural remedies for jet lag as possible to help you acclimatise and make the most of your holiday asap. A few things are ... eating at local times, walking around barefoot as soon as you can when you arrive, exposure to sunlight when you get there asap - google a few more.

Oh - actually, my number one tip would be take your own food on the plane! I was sooo backed up anyway during my first trimester and the plane food made it much, MUCH, MUCH worse!! Take loads of dried fruit or something...

mumtojandk Thu 14-Jul-11 16:26:01

I flew UK-Bangkok with dd #1 @ 6w (didn't know) then UK-Italy @ 17wk. UK-Nice @14w with dd#2. Just done Jsy-UK with #3 @ 13wk & off to HK & Thailand in Aug when I will be 18wk. Never had a problem. Always very careful with water so never been ill. You should be fine. Statistically more dangerous driving your car!!

Enjoy your holiday especially if it's last one before 2 become 3 grin)

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