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Anyone had pains like this before...?

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Beccabop Tue 12-Jul-11 00:27:38


Im 37 weeks tomorrow; since about 30 weeks onwards theres been quite a few times where baby has been squirming around like hell and depending on how Im sitting I get these hurrendous sharp pains on and off for about half an hour or more, as if my bladder is being squeezed inside a clamp.
Today it happened while I was out walking for the first time and it hurt even more so I panicked and returned home (people were starting to stare as I clutched my bump) blush it was like everything in the lower half of the bump was being squeezed together but significantly the bladder region.
Baby has gotten heavier in the last few days and Im thinking these stronger pains must be it getting into prime position or something.

Anyone else had pains that could be described like this?

ksaunders Tue 12-Jul-11 08:41:40

Yep, don't panic! With my ds it felt like I was being kicked in the crotch as he wriggled into position. The heavy feeling is the weight of the baby moving toward the bottom of your bump and it's now that you will probably start to waddle lol. It doesn't mean you will go into labour yet though so try not to let it stop you doing things

mookickkick Tue 12-Jul-11 08:59:57

Yep, I had to grab my crotch yesterday when surprised by a stabbing pain. In week 38 like OP and getting increasingly uncomfortable. Lots of annoying contractions too. Let it end please!

Beccabop Tue 12-Jul-11 10:32:37

Ah thanks ladies, comforting to know theres others have felt this sort of thing, was very worrying when I was out and about blush
mookickkick thats EXACTLY what I was doing, grabbing my crotch, isnt it awful?? I feel just as sick as you, Im starting to wonder if the labour pains will be more manageable than these stabbing ones!!

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