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severe breast pain- under left breast!!

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mummy2bemma Mon 11-Jul-11 18:14:28

relei need sum advice plz ladies... i am 15+weeks pregnant with my 1st baby.. in the past 2 weeks iv been woken up with SEVERE pain under my let breast, it also happens sometimes during the day but mostly when i am sleeping.. the pain is horrible, iv even been sick sometimes because it gets soo bad- no matter how i lie or what position im in the pain will not settle- i have been 2 c my gp- she said it was acid caused by ribs/organs being pushed up- i tried 2 explain that the pain feels nothing like heartburn but she insisted, and prescribed me with heartburn syrip- which hasnt helped at all!!
has any1 else expierienced this pain?/- if so how can i get rid of it??
thanx ladies xxxxx

MamaLaMoo Mon 11-Jul-11 18:46:28

I've had really bad heartburn which is worse at night and made me vomit but Gaviscon liquid didn't do much to help and I ended up taking ranitidine tablets which reduce the amount of acid your stomach makes and that helped a lot. If the liquid doesn't work go back to GP and get an antacid like ranitidine.

It is a bit early for your pain to be caused by the baby pushing its foot up under your ribs. Could you have pulled a muscle in your chest? Vomiting violently can pull all sorts of funny muscles. That you feel it mostly when lying down suggests position you are in is a factor which would mean stomach contents leaking out (and this can be very painful) or a more mechanical muscle related problem.

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