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If you've stacked on weight in previous pregnancies, is it possible to avoid next time round?

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BitsyVonMuffling Mon 11-Jul-11 16:58:34

I know it's flippant, but I really need some positive stories to give me hope. With my previous 2 pregnancies I put on a lot of weight, about 4 or 5 stone, starting from about a size 14 going up to a 20. I managed to lose weight both times, but it took a lot of effort tbh and I hated being that big. Now I'm pregnant again (though it's very very early on) and am at a starting size of 10-12. Is there anything I can actually do or is this just what pregnancy does to my body? I've resolved not to let myself go this time, but I have previously suffered morning sickness (not yet kicked in this time) that was relieved only with a LOT of carbs, and then SPD, which made it impossible for me to keep walking everywhere, which is mostly how I keep in shape now. I think both these things were the big culprits (as well as the cake) So am I DOOMED? I am far more aware of what I eat now and and am going to try and stick to a sensible diet. But tbh the thought of getting so big again makes my heart sink. I think it really exacerbated my PND that I had such bad body image.

NearlyHeadlessnickelbabe Mon 11-Jul-11 17:01:24

the best solution is lots of exercise, but you are advised to avoid doing new exercise if you haven't already been doing it.

There's no reason why you can't start by keep walking everywhere while you still feel well. That's good enough exercise for now.

Don't beatyourself up about not exercising in the last two, especially if you had SPD. that must have been agony.

BitsyVonMuffling Mon 11-Jul-11 17:07:06

I'm going to take advice asap about the SPD I think. It never fully disappeared since last time and my hips have always felt a bit dodgy. Now I am pg again I kind of think o god what have I let myself in for? It really was agony. It kicked in earlier each time as well, last time i was suffering from about 14 weeks iirc, which was just horrible sad

NearlyHeadlessnickelbabe Mon 11-Jul-11 17:11:54


yes, your GP might have some advice, or refer you to a physio.

neverlookback Mon 11-Jul-11 21:15:28

im 34 weeks with no 3, i think i just go upto the same weight each time, i was 9.5st with 1st put on 3.5stone taking me to 13stone, then with 2nd was 10st put on 3 upto 13 again, this one I was 11 stone and have only put one 1st 4lb so far which im proud of but i havent done anything different i still eat an unbelievable amount of food esp cake and i have horrible spd again so im doing no exercise its only my 2 kids that may be keeping off from running around after them.

I ve had a couple of accupuncture sessions for the spd this time free on nhs and it does seem to keep it at bay.

otchayaniye Mon 11-Jul-11 21:22:07

Not necessarily.

With my first I put on 4 stone (I am 5'4" and weighed just under 9 stone) and that was with me being sick each and every single day of my pregnancy. You can imagine the quantities I was eating. Alongside being sick, I felt nausea pretty much constantly and that was only relieved by eating bland carby foods (a bit hard in Asia!) ALL THE TIME.

Breastfeeding helped me lose it, but I clung on to the last stone. I think as I fed for years so never got that 'when you've stopped you get off the plateau' thing.

This pregnancy (34 weeks so far) I have been sick every day but sweet things particularly trigger it, I am off my food generally, have a tiny appetite (except for fruit) eat soup and rolls for lunch, don't snack etc and I am the same weight as when I started - about 9 stone 5.

I must say I feel so much better this time around. I am not carrying about an extra 4 stone. I also think my rapid weight gain in my first pregnancy was a contributory factor in my getting preeclampsia. So far my blood pressure has remained low.

Arion Mon 11-Jul-11 21:34:06

1st pregnancy (DD) put on 3 stone and then another stone breastfeeding [hhmm]
2nd pregnancy (DS) put on 2 stone, lost 1 1/2 stone by week two after birth!
With DD I craved pastries, with DS I craved fruit, which could have something to do with it!

So, no, you don't have to rack up the weight but I guess it depends how your cravings go!

BubaMarra Tue 12-Jul-11 14:41:56

My experience is very similar to otchayaniye's except that I didn't gain that much during the pregnancy (2.5 stones), but right before it. I breastfed for 18 months and was watching my diet so I lost most of my excess weight (mainly pre-pregancy weight), but never managed to get rid of that last extra stone. I was really heavy during pregnancy and I think my weight was a factor which pushed my BP higher (fortunately, didn't develop preeclampsia!). Also, felt much worse in physical terms comapred to this pregnancy (week 22)
But this time round, my weight is more or less on track but I try to watch what I eat. Low GI food can be really helpful as this way of eating is balanced, healthy and tasty.

But, as it happens being very conscious about what you eat sometimes is just not enough if water retention kicks in. In that case pounds will just keep piling on, but at least you know that it's temporarily as this weight goes off really quickly after giving birth. The bad thing is if you overeat during pregnancy, then you get extra weight that is fat which is hard to shed.

mrsrvc Tue 12-Jul-11 15:00:27

I am with you on hoping to keep the weight contained. I also gained 4/5 stone in each of my two pregnancies. Starting at 11.5 the first time and ending up at about 16 stone ( YOWZA) then starting at 12.5 and ending up at the same whopping 16 stone. I started this one at 11.5, and gained 7 lbs in the first two weeks (again which I have always before, i just gain a mass of water immediately, no change in diet other than more puking) but otherwise I have stayed the same and am now almost 11 weeks. I really hope that I can keep the gain to a minimum, and am walking everywhere and trying hard to eat healthily.
Lets hope we both manage it smile

BitsyVonMuffling Tue 12-Jul-11 16:09:33

I'm going to try and do things with military precision this time. I may even draw myself a graph to track my weight gain. How anal is that? hmm I just cannot bear to be so overweight again, and I'm sure it made my SPD worse. But all of this is hypothetical of course, I'm only 4+3 so there's plenty of time to cave in to the biscuits yet. I am suffering immense tiredness already, and I know as soon as the nausea kicks in then I will start to gain. With the things I have to eat to stave off the nausea it's pretty inevitable. I think in the previous pregnancies I've got into the second trimester and almost thought, 'sod it I'm enormous anyway it's too late now'. Hopefully this time I can tail off the weight gain when I no longer have ot eat every five seconds just to be able to stand up straight. But we'll see.

Glitterybits Tue 12-Jul-11 16:49:01

I started this pg with massively good intentions and, just like with my DS, I have put on about 34lbs. I know each pg can be different in terms of weight gain, but it doesn't always follow. Last time around, I carried/ retained masses of fluid and lost 2 stone virtually overnight when he was born. I think some of us are just designed to gain this much because, whilst my diet hasn't exactly been enviable to the likes of Posh Spice, I certainly haven't gone overboard. I'm actually a bit more nervous about shedding it this time around, because I'm less puffy and swollen, though I do have a mahussive bump and got big quite early on. I also found that good intentions are all well and good provided you aren't burdened with nausea and fatigue. I NEVER have a sweet tooth when I'm not pregnant, but it certainly seems that my babies do - and they certainly don't want to let me eat salad when I feel sick. Stodge is the only thing that will cut it sometimes.

Know it's easy for me to say, but try not to worry too much about this. What's important is a healthy baby and, although SPD is evil, it won't be forever.
Congrats on your pregnancy!

Glitterybits Tue 12-Jul-11 16:53:55

Ah, just read your comment about SPD not going away. Sorry! Didn't want to seem like I didn't care. Are you sure it's actually SPD? How long ago was your last pg, because relaxin can be a bugger for hanging around and making your joints feel shot for months after you give birth. Definitely worth speaking to your GP. I had terrible SPD first time around, but very little discomfort this time around, so it's obviously not necessarily weight-related and could be hormonal.

StainlessSteelCat Tue 12-Jul-11 16:59:29

This sounds so familiar to me, am pregnant with my third atm (30 weeks ish) and already dreading how large I will be after I've given birth. I started this pregnancy at between 12 and 13 stone, having lost over 2 stone I'd gained during the previous pregnancy. I'm not weighing myself, but I am trying to eat more sensibly, however the same combination of nausea and SPD really doesn't help.

Sensible brain tells me to just eat normally and keep active. In theory, I walk the school run every day and run after a 2 yo, I also do aqua natal. In reality, I drive to school far too many times, sit on my backside as the 2 yo runs around and sleep through the aqua natal times. And eat my way through crisps and chocolate of an evening. I know the results aren't going to be good.

My advice would be to make sure you get a physio appt as soon as you get a twinge of SPD - I had my first appt at around 20 weeks this time and it's really helped. Secondly, keep active. It'll help keep down the weight gain if you have to eat through the nausea (bacon sarnies kept MS away for me ... not the best solution!) and it'll help if you do develop SPD. Finally, don't stress over it. I did best with my diet in the 2nd trimester - after nausea had faded and before the tiredness reached epic proportions - and even now I'm telling myself that I've lost weight before, I can again. Id' better, I still have the baby weight form the first pregnancy to lose!

summerfruitsalad Tue 12-Jul-11 17:01:01

I'm so glad I've seen this thread! I put on 5st with my pregnancy with DS, started at 11st going to 16! but I ate way too much and ended up with PIH being monitored for PE as well, DS was a good 8lb 4oz. Lost 2st by 6 weeks post birth then lost weight very slowly whilst bf but more came off when I stopped when DS was 8 months old, he's now 12m. Am now 14+4 (didn't give myself much of a gap!) and I have lost almost a stone through drastic loss of appetite, not even felt that sick this time round.

I really want to keep the weight off, still hate the weight I am now, at 11st I was a size 10 top and 12 bottom and felt healthy. Hoping the decreased appetite stays, I think it all went pear shaped for me at about 30 weeks!

pregnantmimi Wed 13-Jul-11 01:20:34

I never bothered with worring about weight gain first 3 months as felt so ill but now trying be careful I put on 2 stone in first trimester manage lost half stone and another 3 pounds now.

I have been doing a hours walk 3 times a week it doesnt sound like much but Im hoping it will keep weight down actually feel better for it but it does tire me out hope the weather nice tomorrow due for next hour walk lol.

Also tryed eating better had alot of fruit but last night woke up really hungry and gobbled down 2 kit kat chunkys lol. Got some cocopops today thought if I fancy choc like that again will have a bowl and not so many calories. Its hard thou cause in the back of my mind keep thinking well Im going to get fat anyway but then thinking it will be harder get weight off.

Starting feel bit uncompfortable cause my boobs have gone so big and my thighs and lower back hurts a bit so thinking thats my reason for not wanting to get too big.

Myy friend who just had her baby lost all the weight she gained in first month 2 and half stone told her shes like a celeb lol but she thinks it was all water thats why.

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