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Pregnancy weight gain - help!

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Beccaboola Mon 11-Jul-11 13:58:33

hi all,

to put this in a bit of context, before pregnancy i'd done weight watchers to lose a bit of excess weight, joined the gym, done really well and got super fit... all because i LOVE my food and needed to do something about it before turning into a roly poly.

Since getting pregnant, i weighed myself at the start, once before about 15 weeks, and again today... I got a BIG shock. At 22 weeks i've put on almost 2 stone! AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!

i know dieting is a bad idea, and if i'm honest, i know exactly how i've managed to put the weight on (congratulating myself at being pregnant by indulging in a few too many pasties and biscuits). So my question is - how do i stop getting exponentially bigger before i reach 40weeks? I know if i continue to put weight on at the rate i have done i'll be ma-hoo-sive.

Any thoughts / advice. please be honest - i can't bare to look at another pregnancy weigh-gain chart...

lindy100 Mon 11-Jul-11 14:07:30

I know exactly how you feel - I have always been on the chubby side of slim (size 14, was size 16 as a teenager) and lost 2 and a half stone before getting pg the first time (two and a half years ago). During that pg I put on three and a half stone, mostly due to eating lots to cure ms (as I told myself at the time... hmm).

This time around I'm currently 36+1 and have put on two stone and five pounds so far - so I hope I'm not on course for the same weight gain as before.

This time around I have tried to be more active - within my limited capabilities - was not exercising much before getting pg. So I would advise staying as active as you can.

Also, as you get later on in your pg, you are likely not to feel as hungry, as your stomach will be squashed and therefore not as big - this time I am trying harder not to eat what I think I need and to eat smaller portions because that's what my body actually wants. That would limit unnecessary weight gain.

I also try to have a healthy option on hand (not always easy or possible!) like carrot sticks and hummus, although some days I seem to eat only carbs. I like to think that making the right choice half the time will be better than not at all.

Hope some of this might help.

Beccaboola Wed 13-Jul-11 08:46:02

thanks Lindy100,
am trying to keep it in perspective as i'm so thankful for being pregnant. I think the reality check was helpful, but am not planning to go nuts and start dieting now,

have resolved to one "treat day" per week (see how that one goes), and picking healthier options daily...

will let you know how i get on!

Africagirl1 Wed 13-Jul-11 08:56:58

I've had the same experience. I've tried to eat more healthily in the last few weeks and weight gain seems to be more moderate now. It started to freak me out when my legs started rubbing together... so I haven't really lost weight, just more gradual weight gain. Long may it last

goodnightmoon Wed 13-Jul-11 09:05:22

not saying go on Atkins or anything but a diet heavy on protein with some fat and less carb than usual (NOT NO CARB) can give you the energy and calories you need but help control the weight gain. This really worked for me in my last pregnancy, where I gained a stone in the first trimester and was really ballooning long before I had a noticeable bump. I went on to gain only another stone throughout the pregnancy, and everything that was accumulating was in the bump rather than on my bum and thighs. Now I need to follow my own advice because I'm 17 weeks with my second and feeling really gigantic. My way to make the "diet" bearable is to have something yummy for breakfast like a muffin or croissant and then have healthier, protein-centric meals for lunch and dinner. Nuts or a slice of cheese are good snacks that fill you up better than biscuits.
best wishes!

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