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Ony 5+4 but thinking ahead - maternity bras and clothes for size 14/16 36GG

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NorthernGirlie Mon 11-Jul-11 09:40:21

Hi Ladies

Just wondering how those of you with bigger boobs manage - I struggle to get bras at the best of times so wondered if anyone had found reasonable bras / mat clothes that actually fit rather and look nice??

NG xx

Tangle Mon 11-Jul-11 10:47:17

I'm a 12/14 and a 32F - and finding clothes to fit is a pain in the backside, pregnant or not sad.

For bras, I'm a fan of Rigby and Peller - over the years I've been round M&S, JL, House of Fraser, etc, but R&P are the only ones that have reliably turned me out in a bra that feels comfortable and makes me feel as though I look good. Shame about the price tag on some of their items (they're not all horrendous!) - but I justify it as its an item of clothing I wear all day, every day that has a huge impact on how everything else fits on top.

Unfortunately their maternity range doesn't look so great. I've heard good things about Bravissimo, and I've also used Ample Bosom and FigLeaves before.

For clothes, I tend to resort to tops that have raglan sleeves - that way I can get away with a slightly larger size to get the fullness over the bust without looking like I've pulled a sack over my head. But it does limit options - especially when even tank tops gape around the armhole. Bravissimo have a range of clothing that takes bust size into account, but they don't seem to do maternity (did you know, most ready-to-wear stuff is designed assuming women have a B-Cup? No wonder its a struggle to find stuff that fits! - no use now, but my be handy in a year or so wink). A lot of my maternity stuff has come from H&M at various points in time - should survive at least one pregnancy, and doesn't cost a fortune. I also got a few bits from JoJo Maman Bebe and 1 top from Mamas and Papas. M&S usually do 2-packs of vests that are non-maternity but quite long, very stretchy and don't cost the earth - I found them handy to have for when cold or have a neck line/bra conflict (if that worries you)

Sorry I haven't got anything more definite or positive for you - but I'll watch with interest to see if anyone else has any suggestions. good luck smile

Folicacid Mon 11-Jul-11 11:41:14

I was the same size as you until boobs exploded in pregnancy! I rate bravissimo. Have been twice, although didn't change size second time, i just wanted to check it was still supporting me.

I've also stayed in underwired bras.

Clothes wise is a bit more of a struggle. I've just been in jeans and tops really, and a couple of dresses. I think the selection of maternity stuff is generally really poor.

PeggyCarter Mon 11-Jul-11 11:44:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ninipops Mon 11-Jul-11 11:50:07

Hi ladies another one with ample norkage here! When not pg/bfing I am a 34G and love Bravissimo! Really don't like maternity/nursing bras tho the non-underwire thing is horrendous. So this time around (currently 37+1 with no.2) I will just be buying ordinary underwired bra's and altering them with the clips from my old nursing bras. There is a tutorial here which if you can't do yourself a seamstress should be able to at minimal cost.

As regards clothes I have just struggled by with jersey - lots of jersey! and will be in t-shirts and bump bands/vests for the duration of bfing. Boring I know but they are comfy, easy to wash and cheap to replace if that baby sick/leaked breastmilk stain won't come out!

Hope this helps/doesn't scare anyone!

fatandknackered Mon 11-Jul-11 12:45:00

Definitely recommend Bravissimo, I am a similar size to you and boobs exploded to a 34HH when I was BF DS2. I think the brand I got was Royce. They are ok, don't get too excited thinking it will be nice lingerie.

I have to say I got fed up with people saying - why don't you just get bras in Mothercare/M&S, they do big sizes? Then having to explain that an F cup while BF isn't "big", for me this was my pre-pg size!!!!

Many maternity clothes are not designed for ladies with bigger boobs, so it's a case of shopping around I'm afraid. Like others, I found H&M, Next (some) and Jojo to be fairly decent. Also Mamas and Papas when they have a sale (there is one on just now) as I found them pricey.

fatandknackered Mon 11-Jul-11 12:55:26

Ooo ninpops, just read your thread - loving the idea of normal (ie underwired) bras and put in your own clips! Will be trying that for DC3!!!!

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