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1st timer... what else do i need?? *Plannaholic!*

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kri5ty Mon 11-Jul-11 09:21:22

i like to be very prepared, and we have started buying a lot already (the main things), even though i am 18 weeks

Please can anyone advise me on anything else i need, down to how many sleepsuits/ bodysuits / bibs and in what sizes etc!! Do i need muslin? Etc etc

As i do not have a clue!

So far we have-

Moses basket & stand
The cot(my dad bought)
Baby bath & cradle
Travel cot
Play mat
Baby monitors
Breast pump
Baby carrier
Travel system

kri5ty Mon 11-Jul-11 09:21:57

Also i forgot to mention we have mattresses for the cot and moses basket

missnevermind Mon 11-Jul-11 09:27:43

My baby will be here Thursday!
You are more organised than me grin blush

duckdodgers Mon 11-Jul-11 09:33:34

Everyone will have different advice and different opinions, but regarding clothes I found you can never have too much sleepsuits and bodysuits - much more practical for newborns and young babies than trousers, dresses, tops etc. Nice to have a few nice outfits but I found I could go through 3 changes a day with mine, mainly sick and other leakages! Just make sure theyve got poppers, makes it easier to change, I think most do these days.

Muslin squares are handy but not essential, I used them occasionally to put down in the cot to protect the sheets, a lot easier to change a muslin than an entire sheet! Same in the pram.

I never needed a travel cot for any of my 3, I did have one that I put up as a playpen, and it got used as a dumping ground for clothes. grin

Primafacie Mon 11-Jul-11 09:37:50

Blimey, you ARE prepared! You've got loads of stuff I have never used - baby bath, monitor...

Mothercare has a list at the back of their catalogue - but I would say blankets, muslins, nappies ( get one pack of newborn size and wait until you have your baby to buy more in case you need premature or size 1), 5 babygros, 5 sleepsuits in newborn or 0 to 3 months size, couple of hats and cardies, and Gap socks - no other brand will stay on! Also you are due in winter so some kind of overall warm suit, preferably in newborn size, for coming home from the hospital.

Resist the temptation to buy tons of clothes until you have the baby as they come in lots of different sizes! It will give you a reason to get out of the house in the early days.

Do you intend to breastfeed? If so that is a whole separate list!

kiteflying Mon 11-Jul-11 09:40:22

About a dozen muslins, the same number of cloth nappies and three or four covers, about six of each kind of sleepsuit and an outfit or two that you really like - to show off with and for any new baby photos!
Tommee tippee bibs were good for saving clothes from babysick stains as they come right up to the chin.
Other than that - play it by ear perhaps?
Have you a change mat? You need one for at home (and I had a cot top changer as I had SPD and could not get down to the bed level for months) and one to carry about. If you are breastfeeding don't bother with a way big nappy bag - expensive and heavy. Just stick a little fold out, and some nappies in a normal bag that you already like.
There used to be a list on mumsnet? And usually one given out in baby stores - that you can then cross half a dozen things off by referring to mumsnet!
Oh, and a sling won't be on any list but it was a lifesaver when my daughter developed colic.

kri5ty Mon 11-Jul-11 09:46:31

thanks girlies smile

missnevermind ooo how exciting!! Good luck grin

duckdodgers yes i think they will be living in sleepsuits for a while... plus no socks to mess around with hehe, and thats exactly what i plan on using the travel cot for! It just is alot easier to store away lol

Primafacie i plan on expressing and using bottles due to a medical condition, and thanks for the advice on gap socks!!

kri5ty Mon 11-Jul-11 09:51:34

thanks kite and congrats... i read your post on the december forum smile

any advice is greatly appreciated!!! i like to have all my bases covered!
I have ME, so im trying to plan as much as possible, so i do not have to worry about anything after the birth in case in have a relapse

kri5ty Mon 11-Jul-11 09:58:27

another panic question... It will be december when i am due.. i do plan on just sleepsuits but with a couple of nice clothes for pics etc as suggested... but what type of vests do i need to go under the sleepsuits? short sleeved, or long? And then would i put a cardy over the top too?

I guess it will al come naturally, guess i am having a wee panic lol

harassedandherbug Mon 11-Jul-11 10:07:58

I'm due in December too, but dc4!

I'm getting short sleeved vests, as well as keeping baby warm you have to make sure they don't over heat too, so layers are best.

Otherwise, lots of muslins, vests & babygro's!! Gap socks all the way grin.

Maybe think about swaddling. It's cosy and comforting. You can buy proper swaddling blankets or just use a cot sheet.

You'll also need a hat and all in one for coming home and going out and about in the car seat. Try and get one with built in mittens.

You are very organised!!!

Cattleprod Mon 11-Jul-11 10:08:54

Short sleeved vests under sleepsuits - it's very difficult getting two layers of sleeves onto little wiggly arms without the underneath layer getting all bunched up.

Baby sleeping bags are great too. They sell them in most supermarkets and TK Maxx often have good bargains.

kri5ty Mon 11-Jul-11 10:11:41

ooo thanks Cattleprod smile i will keep my eye out for a light one, as it is really warm in bedroom.. and thats without the heating on hehe

I like the idea of them, as at least i won;t worry about the blackets coming un tucked!

Primafacie Mon 11-Jul-11 10:23:35

H&M does very nice vests of the "kimono wrap" variety. I really like those in the early days when their heads are so floppy, as these vests lie flat and you do not need to pull them overhead. They have them in lots of colours too.

If you are planning to breastfeed you won't need a steriliser. Just a thought... But you will need breastpads and kamilosan cream.

kri5ty Mon 11-Jul-11 10:31:00

luckily a friend gave me the sterilsier, so we have it just in case i can't express for what ever reason... ooo breastpads, i hadnt thought of that one! lol

the h&m vests sound lovely! i will have a look!

harassedandherbug i would like to give swaddling a go actually! thanks for the tip! would you put another blacket on top? or should they be warm enough just swaddled?

Sorry for all the questions!!

SenoritaViva Mon 11-Jul-11 10:33:47

Has your travel system got a rain cover?
USB stick (extra) for your camera
I agree with short sleeve vests
don't get too much in newborn size as they grow out of them quickly but a few things will make sure not everything is giant on them
Some hats are great as good to keep warm but also to take off if they are feeling hot
A thermometer (recommend of the ear variety)
Vicks (can be good if they have a stuffy nose but you put on the soles of their feet not on chest or near nose till they're older)
A night light
Lots of muslin cloths (just hope you don't get a pukey baby like my last and they're so useful for everything)
change bag (with travel change mat)
Baby wipes

Some of these you can get away with not having but you sound like you want to have everything!

A bit nearer the time you can start thinking about loading up your freezer with homemade food as you will be starving and want to eat healthily but less time to cook (shepherds pie, lasagne, pasta sauces, soups etc.)

Also due in Dec but not first and not organised AT ALL.

SenoritaViva Mon 11-Jul-11 10:36:46

And for you:

Some nice pyjamas in case you are in hospital overnight, plus slippers, plus nice nightgown (people might drop by and you haven't got dressed yet). Should be designed to breastfeed easily (especially the slippers of course!)
Sanitary pads
Music for your birth (found it very useful as kept DH busy when he was annoying me during the birth, he was basically changing the music every 2 minutes)
Some form of first aid book for reference
Some nice cream or bio oil in case of stretch marks

kri5ty Mon 11-Jul-11 10:37:16

SenoritaViva yup you got me in one haha i want to have everything... but i am getting good second hand buys etc on the things i can grin

thanks for the tip on freezing, its n excellent idea!

harassedandherbug Mon 11-Jul-11 10:40:47

If the room is heated the swaddling should be enough. Just put your hand down the back of baby's neck to check. Dc1 & 3 are July baby's (same day too!) so I was trying to keep them cool! But the swaddling worked well with dc2.

If you're buying a sleeping bag check it's suitable from birth. I know when I had dd (she's 5) they were all from 6 mths, but that's prob changed.

I'd recommend lots of breast pads.....

Have you got a changing bag on your list? Not a necessity, but handy.

AKMD Mon 11-Jul-11 10:42:44

You sound like me; I had everything sorted before we even had a house to put DS in blush

DS was a winter baby - snow was on the ground and the roads were blocked so DH nearly missed the birth! We put him in a short sleeve vest, a sleepsuit and an all-in-one pram suit with a hat and blanket over the top when we took him outside but a cardigan was really useful for when we went inside and he would have been sweletring in a pram suit.

I would add to your list:
- Bedding (we used swaddle wraps until DS was big enough for sleeping bags. You might want to use cotton - not flannel - sheets and cotton cellular blankets instead. Get bottom sheets in cotton.)
- Spare mattress cover if you have that kind of mattress.
- Room thermometer.
- A mirror that you attach to the headrest in the back of your car so you can see the baby in your rearview mirror.
- A cot mobile. Check that it won't dangle in the baby's face if your cot is in the highest mattress position and don't bother getting a wind-up one. One with a remote control can be operated without you having to get out of bed grin
- A rocker or bouncer. A cheapy one is good as not all babies like these. DS hated his.
- A changing mat. Don't both with a cover or changing station, although a cot-top changer is useful.
- Muslin squares (lots of). They are useful for everything - swaddling in a pinch, putting on top of the changing mat to avoid putting the baby on a cold surface, wiping up spills/leaks, playing peekaboo...
- Cotton wool balls for bathing the baby.
- A jug for washing baby's hair.
- A bowl to put nappy-changing water in.
- Organic olive oil for massage after bathtime.
- Bath thermometer.
- 6 cuddle-dry towels.
- 1 pack each of size 1 and size 2 nappies. You can buy more when you know how big the baby is.
- Cotton wool pads for wiping the baby's bottom in the first 2 weeks.
- 6 vests in newborn size and 6 in 0-3 months. Again, you can buy more once you know the size. Tesco do amazing vests that popper all the way up the front - these are great for when the baby can't sit up or roll over as you can just lie them down on top of the vest and popper them up.
- 6 sleepsuits in newborn and 0-3 size. Look for ones with integrated scratch mitts. I've found them in Next and Sainsbury's. Next sizes come up really small while Sainsbury's come up big but shrink in the wash.
- 1 newborn and 1 0-3 cardigan. Ditto with buying more.
- 2 hats in newborn and 0-3 sizes. Ditto.
- 1 pramsuit in newborn and 0-3. Ditto. Make sure they have integrated feet and popper-on mittens if you can find them.
- 2 pram blankets.
- 1 'cute' outfit in newborn and 0-3 sizes. Avoid anything with buttons at the back (uncomfortable for the baby to lie on), anything white and anything that's dry-clean only.
- If you must get scratch mitts, also get micropore tape to make the cuffs stiff so that they don't fall off.Don't tape the mitts to the baby or cut off thier blood circulation!
- An all-purpose stain-remover spray like this one.
- Nursing pads for you. My favourite ones are Johnson's. Don't buy supermarket own-brand ones - they rub, ouch!
- Maternity pads for you. Asda own-brand came out tops for me (I tried a lot!) with Babies R Us slimline ones with wings for when things have slowed down a bit.
- Antibacterial wipes. Loads of these.
- Antibacterial hand gel. Keep one with the changing things at hoem and one in your changing bag.
- Disposable changing mats. They are great for stopping you ruining the seat of your car if your waters break befor you get to hospital and for changing the baby's nappy on the post-natal ward. They are also good at home for giving the baby playtime without a nappy on.
- A great hand cream for you. You will be washing your hands a lot and this will be a lifesaver. I can recommend Soap & Glory's Hand Food.
- Dummies. Recommended by FSID so don't be snobby smile Tommee Tippee ones are good; Mothercare newborn ones are huge.
- A really comfortable chair in the baby's room for feeding in.
- A clock in the baby's room that you can see in the dark.
- A radio/CD player or MP3 player dock in the baby's room.

I think that's it... Gina Ford's 'Contented Little Baby' book has a great section on things that you need and what to look out for when making purchases.

harassedandherbug Mon 11-Jul-11 10:44:32

That's what I'm doing, lots of second hand bargainds........

AKMD Mon 11-Jul-11 10:49:23

That wasn't it!

- A spare pillow to help you prop up the baby on your lap during feeds. A V-shaped pillow isn't necessary, just a normal rectangle one will do.
- A changing bag. Most will have a changing mat with it and an insulated bottle pouch. You get one free with membership of the Boots Baby Club - it's actually really good and lots of mums use it.

babyonbord Mon 11-Jul-11 10:54:42

i went a bit mad this time (its my second but my dhs first and i had to buy everything from scatch anyway as my ex kept all my sons things) I would say baby bouncer or cradle we got the mamas and papas wave rocker as you can lie it flat, lots of blankets m + p do some lovely ones that wash really well, cellular blankets, lots of moses basket sheets (babies tend to be sick a lot) muslin squares are a must ive got about 24 of them again from M + P they are pricy but so cute with little embroidary on them, loads of body and sleepsuits, scratch mitts, socks/booties and hats. Definatly a sling we have the baba sling. A changing bag with travel change mat pink lining do lovely ones i've got a yummy mummy one and the mama et bebe messenger and my dh is planning to use the one we bought that matches our pram (its a bit more manly lol), i wouldnt bother getting loads of baby toys yet newborns won't use them the only thing we got was a spiral to go round the car seat handle (my ds used to love watching his). Sleeping bags, we are using the m + P snuggle me till the baby is 3 months then i'm buying sleeping bags as i remember my ds was too small to fit in them till he was about that age. I would get 2 changing mats one for upstairs and one for downstairs (unless you love in a bungalow lol) obviosuly nappies, formula and baby wipes but you can get them much nearer the time. I wouldnt worry too much about a nursery ours isnt ready yet and i'm due tommorrow but baby is going to be in with us for the first 9 months (maybe a year) so i bought a changing unit which is set up in our bedroom along with cot. I'm going to design the nursery when the baby gets here something to do during maternity leave and more shopping yay.

kri5ty Mon 11-Jul-11 10:55:41

AKMD thats fantastic!!! Thank you soooo much!!

Wow that is so helpful gilries grin i am busy writing everyones tips and suggestions down!!!

babyonbord Mon 11-Jul-11 10:55:45

I would recommend one of the feeding pillows dream geni or the like as they are useful to help you sleep once you start to get massive i couldn't live without mine.

superjobeespecs Mon 11-Jul-11 11:00:28

we have everything but the cot and pram [hsmile] uber prepared us

so far we have -

bepanthen <so much better than nasty sudocrem>
baby wash and shampoo plus baby soap
cotton wool balls
wee nail clippers <baby nails are looong!!>
changing mat <boots 6 quid>

4 wee bottles
6 big bottles
8 popsys <dummys?>
16 bibs
21 muslins
gripe water <from 4 weeks but i like to be prepared>
breast pads

cot sheets
6 blankets <2 thick ones as we are due end oct>
and a snuggly seahorse [hblush]

baby books
pram toy

and finally..

vests x 16
babygrows x 12
baby jammies x 4
socks x 10
joggys x 4
jeans x 3
t-shirts x 14
hoody x 3
booties x 1 <prefer socks>
scratch mitts x 6
hat x 4
winter hat and mitts

i like to be prepared smile im only 24 weeks!!

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