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Can anyone recommend

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meravigliosa Mon 11-Jul-11 08:38:00

a private antenatal physio in Edinburgh? I am 27+ weeks and pelvic/hip pain suddenly got much worse last week. I have an appointment with the physio clinic at RIE but not till 11 Aug. In fairness to them they were able to offer an appt in the last week of July, but I will be on holiday then, and am anxious to try to improve matters before then (or at least stop it getting any worse if possible) so that my lack of mobility doesn't put a dampener on our family summer holiday.

KateeTheBump Mon 11-Jul-11 08:59:17

I can't recommend a physio I'm afraid, but I've found that reflexology (done by someone who understands pregnancy) has really helped me. It may not work the same for you, but for me it helps to loosen every thing up so I feel more mobile - the effects last for about a week/10 days, which might be enough for your hols. It certainly helped me to walk miles and miles around Paris on my hols! I've just seen physio here, and she said to do pelvic floor exercises and the clam (lie on your side with your legs bent, one on top of the other and slowly raise the top leg up whilst keeping your back still, repeat 10 times each side) to strengthen the muscles. She also recommended a maternity support belt, which seems to help (one of the heavy duty velcro ones). Im 26+1 so at a similar stage to you.

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