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Inhaling plastic fumes when pregnant

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rifkah Sun 10-Jul-11 08:25:18

Hi, I am 3/4 weeks pregnant and yesterday while sitting outside in my backyard with a friend, there was this unpleasant smell and a fair bit of smoke that progressed to lots of billowing black smoke blowing in our direction. I went to have a look and saw something on fire further down the alley, and was about to have a look to see if I needed to call the fire brigade and remembered I was pregnant and really should not be breathing toxic fumes in. I went back to my house and my friend had a look instead, and at the same time a neighbour was dealing with the problem and had brought out a bucket of water to throw over the offending burning item - a black bin bag that had been left putside someones house and probably set alight by kids.

So ever since I have been worrying about dioxins which I know are very harmful and can be teratogenic in the right quantities, and are especially harmful for the developing fetus - I am not even at that stage yet and cannot find anything on the web about effects in the very early stages of pregnancy. It is difficult as I don't know how much other plastic was in the bin bag (people round here are terrible at recycling - I hate this area!) so I may have breathed in more plastic than that which came from just the bin bag.

Is there anyone out there who would be able to offer me the benefit of their experience and perhaps put my mind to rest somewhat? Many thanks in advance, I am really freaking out here and could do with some reassurance!

rifkah Sun 10-Jul-11 08:26:35

Also, if you have negative experiences, please do let me know as well - I would rather be aware of all the possible scenarios.

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