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Does taking it easy make a difference to baby?

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PrincessScrumpy Sat 09-Jul-11 21:02:37

Probably a stupid question but...

Being told to take it easy in the 3rd trimester - is this for my sake or the babies? I'm 29w with ID twins and am trying to take it easy but work 30 hours a week and have a 3 year old so it's not always easy. I'm really just wondering if rushing around makes a difference to the babies - is preterm labour more likely (I know it is with twins anyway)?

thisisyesterday Sat 09-Jul-11 21:07:56

i would say it's more for you than the baby tbh! although i agree that when you have an older child, or children, it's pretty impossible to do!

RandomMess Sat 09-Jul-11 21:09:31

If you get stressed you create erm stress hormones and there is research that this has a negative affect on the baby. Also yes take it easy for you, your body is working very hard!!!!

silverangel Sat 09-Jul-11 21:55:24

Hi Princess

I am 28 weeks with I'd twins - think it is for you more than the babies - my consultant told me to give up work at 28 weeks more for the travelling than the work (I commute to central London). As it happens my back gave up on me last week and I have been signed off, wasn't due to finish until 30 weeks (couldn't really afford to finish so early). I think if you're feeling like you can keep going then do. How long are you due to be working for?

Pamsie Sat 09-Jul-11 22:08:23

I've been told that that being stressed doesn't help with blood pressure either. The more stressed, the higher the blood pressure which ultimately is not good for you and not good for baby.

Jojay Sat 09-Jul-11 22:10:58

In my experience, with twins you are pretty closely monitored and if there is anything untoward, they will pick up on it pretty quickly.

Don't push yourself too hard, but if you feel capable of doing something, you probably are.

PrincessScrumpy Sat 09-Jul-11 23:07:09

I give up at 31w as it's school holidays. Part of me thinks maybe I should get a bit stressed as my bp is so low I keep feeling really faint. Last week it was 100/60 which is the highest it's been all pg. I feel better now than I did 4 weeks ago - maybe I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Jojay Sun 10-Jul-11 10:51:04

My blood pressure is usually low too - 90/50 is not unusual for me, and I'm 36+3 with twins now.

I finished work at 31 wks too, and feel so much better for it. I feel better now than I did at 20 ish weeks!

I've got 2 boys, 4 and 2, at home, so not much rest, but I find pottering around gently is the best thing, and there's not much I can't do.

What with 4 weekly scans and 2 weekly midwife appts from 30 wks, they'll soon pick up on anything wrong, so if everything's ok, just carry on doing what you feel like.

Good luck with everything!

PrincessScrumpy Sun 10-Jul-11 12:26:24

I have fortnightly scans followed by consultant app since 24w so definitely being taken care of.

Badgerwife Sun 10-Jul-11 20:42:26

Totally for you. I took holiday at 35 weeks to run straight into mat leave (I'm now 38 weeks and ready to pop), and I am so glad I did, the weight of the baby plus travelling to work was just exhausting and it has kept on getting more tiring tbh. Some people are fine carrying on with everything at the same pace as before but I have found that "taking it easy" was the best for me. I can't stay standing for long periods (or indeed sitting in one position) before I get lower back pain and it's just knackering! The extra sleep has helped a lot. And all the while baby is happily kicking your ribs and rolling around...

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