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If baby is massive at 36 week scan...

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TimeWasting Sat 09-Jul-11 20:17:00

when will elective CS be scheduled for?

I'm 26 weeks, not had GTT yet, but bump is looking big already.
I've a scan booked for 36 weeks, maybe due to low placenta, but also as I'm high bmi gd is a risk.

TimeWasting Sun 10-Jul-11 10:10:32


HarderToKidnap Sun 10-Jul-11 11:55:38

ELCS probably wouldn't be considered just for massive baby, unless by massive you mean 5k+ (at my hospital, anyway).

Here, the procedure would be if scan at 36 week shows a massive baby, follow up scan at 38 weeks, then appointment with consultant who may recommend induction, or in very rare cases (as I said, 5 kilos or more), an ELCS at 39ish weeks.

This will depend on other risk factors though.

cece Sun 10-Jul-11 12:13:02

My second one was 5k plus. I got referred for scan after a check up appt as bump was huge at 37 weeks. They confirmed that yes baby was big. I then saw the obs who said well yes it is big but you'll probably have it early. I then went 11 days late. He was born wieghing 5.1 kilos. smile Easiest of all my births. Honestly a big baby doesn't necessarily mean a problem.

dreamingbohemian Sun 10-Jul-11 12:36:36

I had three scans in the third trimester (latest at 38 weeks I think) showing a massive baby (99th%) and I was not allowed an elective. I met with the senior consultant and he said the only things he would do differently were 1) induction at one week late instead of two, and 2) no forceps. I was also told they would not let me labour as long as they would otherwise but this was ignored, which was quite stressful.

In the end I laboured 27 hours and had an emergency section. The surgeon told me there was no way DS ever would have come out naturally (not just size, although he was 10 lbs, but his position and the shape of my pelvis).

On the other hand, as cece said, some women have huge babies and deliver no problem. I was also nearly 10lbs at birth and my mom had me relatively easily.

I spent a lot of time in late pregnancy freaking out because of my massive baby, but really, everything was fine in the end. Wait and see what happens and talk to the midwives, they will have seen it all before and have contingency plans ready.

cece Sun 10-Jul-11 12:40:00

Here you go

dreamingbohemian Sun 10-Jul-11 12:46:05

Ah that's interesting!

I should say though that my midwife also ruled out a homebirth for me, because the baby was measuring so large so consistently, and it does raise the risk of shoulder dystocia apparently, for which they like to have more people around.

lovesicecream Sun 10-Jul-11 15:48:28

My 1st baby was over 5 kg, 11lb 2 oz Boone ever mentioned elcs, I did have forcepts and lost quite abit of blood but over all it wasn't an awful Experiance and I'm glad I didn't have a csection

TimeWasting Sun 10-Jul-11 23:17:15

Wow, wasn't what I was expecting to hear at all! Thank you all.

I have asked for an elective cs anyway, as my first baby was born by emergency section at +12 days, 9lb 7oz and OP, and so far I am expecting it to go the same way.
I was told by the Dr I saw at 20 week scan that it's 50/50 for a section after a previous one (perhaps just for something with my specific history?)and I'd rather take the elective than risk the emergency.

It doesn't sound like I'd be scheduled earlier than 39 weeks unless there was any emergency problem, which is reassuring, as I won't be ready earlier than that. grin

wearenotinkansas Sun 10-Jul-11 23:52:43

Interesting. I ended up having an emergency section with first baby who was 10lb 2oz. 2nd bump is even bigger (and I don't have diabetes) - and consultant was obviously keenfor me to go for an elective section from my first appointment. As I am "old" that might also have something to do with it. I have another consultation booked for 36 weeks and am likely to have a scan but just looking at/feeling my bump I am pretty sure that a section is going to be the sensible option - even though it really wasn't what I wanted initially.

lovesicecream Mon 11-Jul-11 00:04:41

Well with my 2nd baby they did say they would scan me at 36 weeks and talk over the options then but he was born at 35 weeks, my 3rd was born at 32 weeks by emcs, they were both good sizes for their gestation so who knows what would have happened if they were full term

dreamingbohemian Mon 11-Jul-11 00:25:21

Ahhh sorry, thought this was your first for some reason! Don't know why actually blush

I think if the only factor is large size then my impression is that they will still let you go overdue, just not quite as long. But if it's a second section that might be different obviously.

good luck! smile

TimeWasting Mon 11-Jul-11 07:35:20

Thanks, should have been clearer, previous CS does seem to make a lot of difference doesn't it.

spookshowangel Mon 11-Jul-11 08:46:16

i didn't realise that a 10 pound baby was considered a massive baby my last one was 10.5 and i think this one will prob be bigger as they have been considerably each pregnancy. no one suggested a section or said anything about it at all really i had a normal birth no tearing or talk of not going over due. do you have over cautious mw/ hosptials or mine not enough??

dreamingbohemian Mon 11-Jul-11 09:01:59

Hi Spook, that's interesting! I think maybe they are more cautious if it's your first pregnancy because they don't know whether your body can cope with it? Also, the scan measurements are not 100% reliable and I think some doctors rely on them more than others.

I found a lot of variation in how cautious people were, my midwife and consultant were fairly cautious but the junior doctors I dealt with didn't pay it any mind at all.

spookshowangel Mon 11-Jul-11 09:04:16

so what is he cut off for a massive baby then?

Cattleprod Mon 11-Jul-11 09:11:18

spookshow - same here, DS was 10lb 4oz. The only extra thing I have to have this pregnancy is a diabetes test, there has been no mention of cs or early induction or anything.

Ironically I do have to have extra scans at 32 and 36 weeks to check the baby isn't too small, as my BMI is under 18!

spookshowangel Mon 11-Jul-11 09:32:37

do you know what i went for a private scan because i was dying to know the sex and he did refer me to a consultant on the basis the baby was big. i went in and he kind of laughed and said i would worry if you were are really slight girl but you are a robust thing and a baby this size will be no problem for you. so maybe thats it, it depends on whether you are tiny or not that they worry...oh no you just said you were tiny.

dreamingbohemian Mon 11-Jul-11 09:33:18

I think if the baby is measuring above the 95% mark in third trimester scans (more than one) they start paying attention.

But again, I wasn't offered a section or early induction, just that they would induce at one week over instead of two.

dreamingbohemian Mon 11-Jul-11 09:38:31

spookshow grin

I think my midwife said it's not so much about your overall body frame as the size and shape of your pelvis, which they can't really tell from the outside.

merryberry Mon 11-Jul-11 11:25:21

I was estimated 9.5lb baby at 36 weeks. CS never mentioned to me. 2nd child after 1st vag birth. I booked in for induction for 40+11 as I couldn't like down, breathe, eat, sleep anymore, but went into labour at 40+10 at home with indie MW. As I am also v. big and was tested at 28 and 38 weeks for GDD (none). The big worry was shoulder dystocia for the baby, which we did have and which the MW resolved with manipulatiobn. We'd practised what I'd need to do in terms of positioning beforehand. It's becoming a lost art though, and unless you know you have a MW with experience in it, which many hospital based ones don't nowadays, I would consider carefully going for the CS as the risk to the child is high with SD.

If it hadn't been for her, I'd have asked for a CS I think. As it turned out, I had a happy if SD-dramatic homebirth of a 11lb11oz boy, and minor celebrity for me, baby and MW at hospital when we went in to have paediatrican check his shoulder over (was fine).

wearenotinkansas Mon 11-Jul-11 22:32:25

for some reason, MV seemed to be very interested in my shoe size (which was a 5 then) - relatively to size of bump and estimated scan. Don't know if shoe size is an indication of pelvis size!

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