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10 weeks, bleeding, pain & water infection. Grateful for any help x

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KPsprinkle Sat 09-Jul-11 14:31:27

Hello, I'm new here.

I'm 35 and 10 weeks pregnant. All was well until 7pm last night when I started with period pain. At midnight I had a bleed; dark brown with several clots. 20 mins later the same again. This morning, no more clots but dark blood when I wipe.

I've seen a doctor this morning who says my urine is still showing pregnant and I have a water infection. She told me to prepare myself for bad news and booked me in for a scan on Tuesday.

I've been resting all day and still have period pain (not severe enough to take pain killers though), and there are only bits of blood when I wipe now, no flooding or gushing.

In my heart I'm sure I'm experiencing a miscarriage, but I keep reading stories of hope and I don't know what to think.

I guess I'd just like to hear if anyone had had the same experience please, no matter what the outcome is.

Thanks in advance.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sat 09-Jul-11 16:08:09

Hi, sorry you are in this situation. i can't offer much advice but didn't want to post and run.

Has your GP started you on ABs for the UTI?

If you were experiencing a mc then pregnancy tests will still be positive for a while so I don't know why your GP did the test tbh.

But IMO and it is only my opinion, I think you should try and be postive and wait for Tuesday. You mention the blood has only been brown? If it were a natural mc the blood would be flowing and red and clotty and quite painful ie needing painkillers.

Try and rest over the weekend as much as you can (this will help you not feel so shit from the UTI).

Bleeding in pregnancy can be very normal and shouldn't always be alarming, although I know that is hard to say, when you're the one wiping blood you're bound to panic. I have had brown bleeds throughout my pregnancies and in my first pregnancy I even had red flowing clotty bleeds and the baby was fine.

try and rest and let us know how it goes Tuesday smile xx

curleywurley2 Sat 09-Jul-11 16:22:41

Hey huni, hope your ok? I know its hard but try not to worry,I had light bleeding (pink'ish discharage when I wiped after going to the toilet) at around 14weeks and period type pain. I went to primary care due to it being out of doctors hours and they said it was a water infection and gave me anti biotics and it cleared up. Im now 20weeks and just had my scan yesturday and everythings fine and its a little boy.
When I was pregnant with my daughter I had water infections nearly every other week and they were that bad I was in hospital 3 times. So now there monitoring my urine in this pregnancy and sending away a sample once a month to make sure theres no infection because my daughter was born 3weeks and 4days early and this is possibly due to the water infections.
My only advice is to drink as much water as u can and also try drinking cranberry juice. I found a warm bath helped with the pain too. Good luck huni let us know how you get on xxx

Pancakeflipper Sat 09-Jul-11 16:23:35

A water infection can give awful stomach/period like pains. I presume you are on Anti'Bs for the water infection? I find lemon barley helps to flush out a water infection. I had several water infections in my pregnancies. They do make you feel rough.

Bleeding in pregnancy is very common. Not all result in miscarriage. I bled bright red blood in both my pregnancies ( and my babies are fine) and needed sanitary towels for most of my second pregnancy. I hated going for a wee.

It's horribly worrying. And you can't stop that fear. I hope the scan is fine for you.

KPsprinkle Sat 09-Jul-11 21:29:27

Hi, and thank you for the very helpful responses.

I am on AB for UTI, and the doctor said she was testing my urine in case it was a negative result as she said sometimes the baby may have died earlier and only now is nature taking it's course. She was really very thorough and to be honest so far I can say that I've received excellent and sympathetic care.

I've rested all day and not really had any bleeding until this evening when I've had some dark red sticky blood when I wipe.

I will try to stay positive, but also try to think that if the worst does happen, it's just not meant to be for this little one.

Thanks all. Night xx

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