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A lump on my bump.

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LeonieSarah Fri 08-Jul-11 19:02:14

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me?

I have a lump on the front of my bump around my belly button. It keeps getting bigger and feels like a bruise, and I was messing with it today and if I prod it it stays in like water retention.

I asked the midwife the other day and she just looked at me dismissed it and said it was probably just my muscles moving apart. She didn't even examine it.

So does anyone know what it could be?

Thanks xx

buttonmoon78 Fri 08-Jul-11 19:05:04


LisMcA Fri 08-Jul-11 19:09:41

Was going to suggest hernia too. Did the MW actually look at it? If not get e GP appointment. Nothing they can do about a hernia whilst your a PG mind, but if it doesn't go away afterward you may need a small op.

LeonieSarah Fri 08-Jul-11 19:09:44

Well I thought that but i didn't think a Hernia behaved like water retention. (like when you have bad water retention and you stick your finger on it and when you move away there is a dip, it's like that)

LeonieSarah Fri 08-Jul-11 19:10:35

No she didn't look at it, just looked at me like I was wasting her time

LisMcA Fri 08-Jul-11 19:19:21

Sorry you did say in your OP. My belly button went really wierd when I was pregnant. It could just be one of those weird things no one tells you about. If you are worried go see your GP, its probably what you MW would have told you if she bothered her arse to even look at it.grin

LeonieSarah Fri 08-Jul-11 19:22:03


LeonieSarah Fri 08-Jul-11 19:30:27

Oh wait opinion.....I wasn't like dismissing it, I just didn't think they were squishy.

LisMcA Fri 08-Jul-11 19:53:48

OP=opening post grin

Piglet28 Fri 08-Jul-11 20:01:34

Hi, sounds like what my friend had it's call an umbilical hernia! I'm sure your midwife will advise you best though.

LeonieSarah Fri 08-Jul-11 20:07:10

Thanks everyone...and oops....oh well, least I learned something new smile

I didn't want to ask the midwife again cause she makes me feel like I'm an idiot when I ask things.

nicolamumof3 Fri 08-Jul-11 22:24:49

i had this well still have just less noticeable now at 38+6.

mw was also disinterested.

I think mine is/was a hernia, a hard lump couple cm above my bellybutton, appeared just before my 20w scan and was really painful, but not really at all now.

EveryonesJealousOfGingers Fri 08-Jul-11 22:28:41

I think you need a new midwife!

LeonieSarah Sun 10-Jul-11 12:41:34

Tbh, I can't blame her she's so busy. She is the midwife for two whole towns on her own. The only way I can change is if I'm classed as 'at risk' and then would have to go to the hospital for my appointments.

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