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Should I put in a complaint about my GP surgery, or will it cause more harm than good?

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jammyscone Fri 08-Jul-11 17:37:38

I have a congenital hip deformity which causes me some degree of pain most of the time. It's usually much more bearable in Summer, but since I got pregnant it's been worse (e.g. starting to limp and be in pain quite badly after 5 minutes or so of walking).

I went to the GP to get a referral to the physiotherapist team they have at the surgery, but when I then saw the physio on 15th June she said she couldn't help me - she couldn't refer me for hydrotherapy, or offer any support devices, crutches or recommend any adapted furniture. All she could offer me was a referral to the hospital physio who specialised in "women's problems". I asked her how long it was likely to take for me to get an appointment with them, maybe a few days (I asked hopefully)? She said it wouldn't be long, I'd probably get an appointment within 2 weeks.

A week went by and I heard nothing, so I left it a couple more days then phoned the surgery. They said they'd send an e-mail to my GP since he'd have to have arranged the referral and he wasn't in. Didn't hear anything else, so phoned again, and was told the referral had been made on the 24th (the day I'd phoned to find out what was going on).

To cut a long story short I found out today that they didn't actually get round to referring me until yesterday! Not one person I have spoken to at the surgery has apologised either, and their communication has been terrible.

I now have an appointment for next Friday, but am pretty angry at the lack of support from my surgery.

I would like to put in a complaint so that hopefully they will tighten up their communication channels and some other poor sod doesn't have to go through the stress of trying to find out when their appointment is or whether one has even been made, but am wondering if it will prejudice my treatment in future, particularly as I know how important medical staff are going to be in the coming weeks!

Should I put in a complaint now, wait until after the birth in September (when I may not have time or impetus to actually go ahead), or just cut my losses and leave it alone?

arazmataz Fri 08-Jul-11 17:41:25

FWIW I would leave it alone. They could well hold a complaint against you. I would only complain if planning to move (very soon) to another surgery.

LisMcA Fri 08-Jul-11 17:44:22

I had SPD during my pregnancy so I can feel your pain(literally). I had a nightmare trying ot access physio through my GP and it took me breaking down to my MW to get something sorted. My MW was a life saver on more than on occassion.

Could you speak informally to the practice manager first? Perhaps mearly bringing this to their attention may make her introduce a system between the commuity physio team and the GPs.

At the end of the day, how strongly do you feel about it? The fact it took over 3 weeks for you to even be referred I think is grounds for a complaint, and if you do feel a complaint then has a effect on your care you can take it further.

Good luck what ever you decide to do.

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