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babyonbord Fri 08-Jul-11 09:48:46

how many dreampods have people bought for their baby i can't remember how many i had for my ds

Renaissance227 Fri 08-Jul-11 09:58:05

I've bought two so far, but might get another one.

prolificwillybreeder Fri 08-Jul-11 10:01:22

We have 2 2.5 and 1 summer weight one

Cattleprod Fri 08-Jul-11 10:09:11

About 5 or 6 in each size I think - mainly secondhand. I didn't want to have to wash and dry them in a panic if DS was sick so I made sure I had plenty!

babyonbord Fri 08-Jul-11 10:09:38

i bought the snuggle me from mamas and papas and was planning to use that until he was about 3 months and buy the dreampods when he moved into a cot.

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