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Lower back pain.

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allthefires Fri 08-Jul-11 08:23:49

Am 23 weeks pregnant and had have lower Back pain now whenever i lie down for a few weeks and its getting worse.

When i finally manage to get up and put my feet on ground i have problems standing and when i finally start walking its like im a wooden puppet!

any tips or advice appreciated!

Renaissance227 Fri 08-Jul-11 09:45:43

Is it when you have been lying on your back or lying down full stop?
I'm 24 weeks and get stiff legs a lot of the time, but they soon loosen up when I start to move around. I have heard this is normal.
Someone said something about drinking milk for the stiffness but I haven't tried that yet! Making sure I keep my legs moving/stretching helps anyway.
As for the back problem I tend to find that it eases slightly when my DP rubs it gently for a few minutes - that also helps me sleep too. smile

allthefires Fri 08-Jul-11 10:15:39

It was originally when just lying on back. Now its most positions even from sitting. I cant move positions easily either.

As a few have said physio i Will call. Just wanted to make sure i wasnt being ott about it. Also getting stiches in front under bump.

KateeTheBump Fri 08-Jul-11 10:35:13

The stitches in front are the ligaments stretching (round ligament pain), I'm 25 weeks and have been getting those on and off for the last week or two.

It sounds like you probably have SPD or PGP (pelvic girdle pain) - I suffer from this as I am apparently hypermobile, so have long ligaments which have now relaxed and stretched so aren't supporting my pelvis. If you have the same problem physio will be able to help by giving you exercises to strengthen your muscles. Try a gym ball or birthing ball to sit on at home/work as that will help strengthen your core muscles. I've just got a support belt from mothercare too, so hoping that will help!

You're not being ott - just make sure you're taken seriously by GP (you can get physio on the NHS) - oh, and I've found reflexology helps me for a week or two - it seems to ease everything up for a bit so can move around more easily.

Good luck! There's a good SPD thread on here, so should be lots of advice there from fellow sufferers.

Renaissance227 Fri 08-Jul-11 11:00:34

Sorry allthefires I thought it was just the usual lower back pain and stiffness coupled with trouble to change positions due to bump! blush Didn't realise it was SPD or needed a physio. Sorry. x

silverangel Fri 08-Jul-11 11:14:38

I've got hideous lower back pain, can hardly walk at all. Mine is the sacro illiac joints which are where the back of your pelvis kind of attaches to the spine (where the dimples at the bottom of your back are). If it is going round the front it could be SPD. I saw physio yesterday and there is not really a lot they can do, she taught me a couple of exercises and ordered a support belt so hopefully that will help. Hope you get some relief.

allthefires Fri 08-Jul-11 20:43:49

Thank you all. Will leave a message for midwife to call me.

Have started another thread about a gym ball as the 65cm one I have only inflated to 55cm in reality and too small!

YellowingWallpaper Fri 08-Jul-11 20:47:25

I had back ache with dc1 until about 14 weeks and with this one (I'm currently 20 weeks) it has just started to ease off.

Have been told by the MW that you should only lie on your side...something to do with pressure and weight on the uterus...I've started to lie on my side and found it has eased up...I get to about 5pm and have to have a bath just to ease off the bloody aching sad

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