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High amniotic Fluid + possible debris in baby stomach

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hollyw Thu 07-Jul-11 15:07:13

Had a scan today at 36 weeks to check that my placenta had moved. It had moved from 2.4cm at 30 weeks to 7cm today. Plus baby was head down and LOA. Walked out of the scan room feeling pretty pleased. (We're hoping for a homebirth so this was a real positive)

Then they handed us the notes and written on them was something along the lines of amniotic fluid 97th centile and 'debris' in stomach.

Saw consultant and midwives and have had bloods taken for viruses and diabetes.

The consultant also measure my fundus at 40 weeks today. The midwife measured it at 36 weeks on Tuesday.

HAve scared myself stupid looking up high fluid levels and viruses.

Has anyone else had a similar thing happen.

I know deep down that the fluid thing might not be too bad as it's down to measurements that might not be that accurate but the 'debris' has worried me.


harrygracejessica Thu 07-Jul-11 21:16:13

I had excess fluid in one of my twins, what has the consultant said about it??there are risks involved with having it. No idea on the stomach debris though.

hollyw Fri 08-Jul-11 09:55:37

The excessive fluid is the amniotic fluid. The consultant has booked me in for a rescan in 2 weeks to monitor it and has advised that preterm birth, prolapsed cord etc might be an issue.

He didn't discuss the debris - just that we'd rescan and see if things had changed. From what I've read it could be vermix and other bit and bobs, debris just sounds bad.... plus the whole excess fluid thing could mean a possible digestive problem so it got me panicking.

I had a lot of fluid when my waters broke with ds2 (they trailed behind me with a mop!) so I guess it could just be one of those things.


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