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Excited - First 'baby' shopping trip this evening...... any tips?

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Newmom2b Thu 07-Jul-11 11:21:34

I think we're just going to window shop but I'm still really excited!

I'm 26 weeks today and we havent bought anything yet... we're going to have a look at some buggys.

DH is getting really involved in the buggy/pram side of things.

Any tips on what to buy first or what to look out for?

bettyboo83 Thu 07-Jul-11 11:26:17

Check how heavy it is. Some weigh a ton which is a pain if it's you lifting it in and out of the boot, etc. Have fun!

babyonbord Thu 07-Jul-11 12:42:39

decide who will be using it the most ie mum or dad, will you be using public transport, do you live inner city or country, how much space do you have at home and in your boot what your budget is can you set it up and take it down easily. When we were shopping i was dead set on getting a bugabee but found it difficult to take down by myself and as i'm at home all day while my dh was at work it wasn't really practical in the end we went with the luna as i found it light and easy to set up and take down plus i found i could easily push it one handed as opposed to a lot of the other models we looked at.

thejaffacakesareonme Thu 07-Jul-11 14:45:09

Many travel systems look great for a newborn but aren't so good for toddlers. Babies are only in the pram section of a travel system for a very short time and the travel systems can be quite expensive if you only use them for a short time. I bought a travel system which was great for DS1 as a newborn but I found it large, heavy and clumsy once he was out of the pramette bit. I bought a wee Maclaren stroller and used it until he was too old to need it. Looking back, I wish I'd spent less money on the travel system.

Jojay Thu 07-Jul-11 14:48:32

I agree with Jaffa - if you're looking at travel systems, make sure you like it in pushchair mode as you'll use it in this mode for much longer than any other.

I wouldn't be tempted to purchase a buggy tonight either. Have a good prod and a poke, decide which one you want, then go home, read online reviews and look for the lowest price. Don't forget quidco / cashback sites either.

harassedandherbug Thu 07-Jul-11 15:01:07

Look for one with a carrycot or a proper lay flat one. I prefer a carrycot: cool for summer and snuggly for winter.

Check out the raincover. Some them are really nasty and stiff, making them hard to use.

dribbleface Thu 07-Jul-11 15:03:51

i really wanted a rear facing. got the chicco tri which was great but it's larger in this mode than forward facing so just fits in the boot! if you need to get it in a boot check it out in forward and rear facing. have fun!

OnionEyes Thu 07-Jul-11 15:06:46

For a buggy have a think about what you are really needing. Like others have said, most of my friends bought very expensive travel systems and only used them for about a year tops before they all switched to an umbrella fold.

Are you likely to have another baby with a small gap between? If so have a look at the systems that can be a single and added to later to change to a double, so phil and teds, iCandy, Britax B-dual, Baby Jogger City Select etc.

Remember that there are more buggies out there than Mothercare/the highstreet sell, its worth going to a local independent shop to see what else is on offer.

Don't make any decisions about car seats until you have decided about your buggy (or vice versa I suppose) so that you don't end up with incompatible systems.

Think about the size of your car and where you will be using your buggy. If you are likely to do 'off roading' look for air tyres with a chunky look. Are you or DH tall? If you are, look for extending handles. A quick push around the store is normally fine, but after hours of pushing a buggy, if its not right it can be really uncomfortable.
Will grandparents be using it? Then look for a simpler buggy maybe that is easy to put up.

Also, make sure you go and look at the teeny tiny clothes - they make my heart melt every time!

candr Thu 07-Jul-11 19:30:18

my husband realised the other day that he used to check out fit women in the street, he now checks out push chairs! Loved doing first baby shop and delighted in bargins. Got cot that moves to 3 levels before becoming a bed as seemed practical and mothercair pram that turns into buggy an takes car seat. Practiced doing it one handed in shop - check it fits your boot. Have fun

Beesok Thu 07-Jul-11 22:25:25

How exciting! And you are so good - I'm almost 26 weeks but must confess have bought quite a few bits and pieces too much stuff already blush
re prams agree with all above - check out what's out there, compare online and think about how and who will be using it, we don't own a car and I walk and intend to continue to do so a lot every day so need a sturdy and comfortable pram and not too concerned about the weight as I will very rarely need to fold it to go into car boot

And the teeny tiny baby grows - can't have enough of those!!! smile

Beccabop Sat 09-Jul-11 00:04:16

Id say:

A nice compact pram that can turn into a buggy (pretty much all prams do that of course!) + car seat
Moses basket with a couple of fitted mattress sheets/blankets, also ones for pram
Half a dozen sleepsuits/vests/hats/socks/bibs/muslins
A good amount of nappies
A couple of boobs/bottles


Ive read great reviews about the Tummy Tub, thats the last thing left on my list. Have a read up about them and keep an eye on ebay for one if interested.

...also its worth bearing in mind, if sticking to a budget remember that prams/buggies are like cars in that they go down in their value when driven out of the forecourt (shop), so again ebay is worth a look, some fab second-hand ones on there.

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