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when did first baby's head engage?

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witches Wed 06-Jul-11 18:01:02

im 37weeks and no sign of baby head engaging yet, just curious as to what stage others did? Also been told will get membrane sweep at 38 and 39weeks if needed to try speed things up but only if engaged.The next step would be induction. Does anyone know if induction will be carried out if not engaged?. I have heard some stories that there would be concernes over breaking waters etc if head not in correct position. Any experiences welcome.

KittyChat Wed 06-Jul-11 18:17:29

I started a thread about this the other day - I am 39+5 and not engaged. I was told I wouldn't have a sweep until 41 weeks no matter what.

You should be induced even if the baby's not engaged, otherwise it could be in there forever!

Hopefully someone a little more experienced than I will be of more help...

CBear6 Wed 06-Jul-11 19:30:50

With DS he was still way up high and I had every woman I met telling me I'd go overdue. I went into labour at 39+5 and he didn't engage at all until I was 6cm dilated (and my waters were still intact at 10cm!).

Sweeps generally aren't done unless the head is engaged because there's a chance of damaging the cord but they can induce you without the head being engaged as they would use prostaglandin pessaries/gel initially and they can also use hormone drips.

Just remember that no one is pregnant forever, all babies come out eventually (usually in their own sweet time).

witches Wed 06-Jul-11 20:17:21

Thanks for the responses. They are only doing the sweep next week as I have SPD and have begged for a section due to pain and they are not having any of it so i think its a compromise. Im pretty sure the baby is comfy where it is as has not really moved since about 20weeks so not confident will have moved by next week but fingers crossed. Did some googling (i know i know) and most things say that first babies usually engage earlier so heres hoping!

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