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Left breast pain 28 weeks - is this normal

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benne81 Wed 06-Jul-11 17:47:49

Hi folks this is my first pregnancy and my left breast has suddenly got very sore for the last two hours. It's not red but does feel slightly hotter than the right. Is this normal and to do with the milk production getting into action or do you think I should be worried? Anyone else experienced this?

rooks14 Wed 06-Jul-11 17:56:23

heya smile

i didn't have this exactly but i had a lump in my boob that i went to the doctors about. She said to me that basically pregnancy is what your boobs have spent your whole life waiting for. Anything that's wrong with them is attributed to that and then after the birth they'll have another look if things aren't back to normal.

Having said that mine wasn't a sudden pain, it was like a nagging lump. So if its really painful I'd have it checked out asap tmoz. probably not an emergency type thing for tonight to be worried about! It sounds to me like a blocked milk duct possibly?

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