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Advice Please on EDD???

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sookie1 Wed 06-Jul-11 14:34:28

Came off pill in Nov last year and had a period in Dec. Had nothing more till April 2nd which was normal then on May 18th (Sorry if it's TMI) had a very light period very dark blood which lasted just a day (normally 7 days for me).

Got a positive test a couple of weeks ago went to Drs and said i was 5 weeks cause of my last period. He wasn't my normal dr and i stupidly didn't say what had been happening with my cycle. Is it possible May was implantation bleeding.

My tummy is already growing and when i thought about it all through May i was snappy sore breasts and crampy and felt sick!

Would be very glad of some advice would love to know my actual due date am i wrong if i go to the drs and say i'd like a dating scan? WWYD????

NorthLondonDoulas Wed 06-Jul-11 14:40:31

It could have been implantation.... def go to your Dr's and explain that you think you may have your dates wrong and they may offer you an earlier dating scan, as it is important to have one at 12 weeks because they check for certain abnormalaties which should be done before 14weeks otherwise the result is not so accurate. Good luck and huge congrats.x

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