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Caseload midwife care vs community team

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Partypopper Wed 06-Jul-11 13:18:14

Just had my rather late (11+6!) booking appointment this morning with the most lovely midwife. I had a small hmm sobette when going through the details of a horrid mc and bad after care last year. Hadn't thought about it all for a while and I thought I'd got my head round it, but nooo! Anyway, she was just so kind to me and then suggested she put me on her personal caseload. This sounds great! It means either she or one other colleague will see me all the way through including the delivery and post natal appointments. I was so, so grateful and instantly feel so much more positive about everything knowing somebody will have a consistent interest in how I'm doing. I am feeling very lucky to have come across her!! grin

I wondered whether most areas have this type of care as standard or whether big cities are a bit more shabby normally because of resource pressures? I didn't even know this was a possibility! What's everyone else's experience of this versus the location-based approach where you might see someone else each time and have a hospital midwife?

ButterflySally Wed 06-Jul-11 13:31:37

We had this discussed in our NCT class. It was recommended to get a caseload midwife, as you get the same person coming to your home plus better aftercare. It is especially helpful when you first go into labour because they will come and see you until they feel you need to go to the hospital.

I had never heard of it when I had my booking appointment and automatically got put on the community team's caseload. After it was discussed in our NCT class, I did call up and enquire about a caseload midwife but wasn't able to access it (my pregnancy has been low risk so I assume that may be the reason) although when I asked what the criteria was they said something about it being an historical arrangement between different GP surgeries in the area! So it seems to be pot-luck in my area (SE London).

However, I must say, I have been quite happy with the midwife care I have received to date. It hasn't always been the same person but I have felt that whoever I have seen has answered my questions and followed up on any of my concerns.

Lynzilove Wed 06-Jul-11 18:03:38

I didn't realise there was a difference. I have always seen my same midwife, she actively fits me in with home visits if she can't get me into a clinic. I'm not sure if shes guaranteed to be there when I deliver but I know she has all her ladies in her diary so hopefully I'll see her at some point. I suppose it will depend if she is on rota or if it is a clinic day.

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