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Panic attack

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Trinaluce Wed 06-Jul-11 13:03:08

37+3 and suddenly hit by this massive wave of panic today, no other word for it. My hands are shakey and I feel like my heart is racing - it just hit me like a ton of bricks quite how close I am to the due date. All those times I told people I was due towards the end of July? Well it's July now which means it's not miles and miles away like I thought! Don't remember having this experience with DD - has it happened to anyone else?

kiteflying Wed 06-Jul-11 14:13:24

I had this happen when I left work - suddenly the only thing I had to think about was the upcoming birth. So yes, it could be that you have delayed thinking about it until July and now its July.
Or it could be the sort of anxiety attack triggered by hormones, and hopefully the late pregnancy happy hormones will sort you out soon enough. I remember being at the local pool five days before I was due, and a lady asking me the obvious question - Oh, next Tuesday, said I as though it was a coffee date, and you would never guess that three weeks before I had been crossing my legs with fear every time I thought about an episiotomy.
Have you tried hypnobirthing cds to quell the panic? Or just some deep breathing exercises. Try to enjoy this time - it is the last time you will have to spend with your bubs in utero don't forget.

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