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loop excision

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spookshowangel Wed 06-Jul-11 09:39:07

hi, i had a loop excision nearly two months ago and voilà unplanned pregnancy during the time after it. i remember in the literature that came with it some things about pre term babies/mc etc. any body here had loop excisions and then had a baby, any problems. my midwife app isnt for a while i am fairly certain i will get a telling off for getting pregnant so quickly after having one done.

apples82 Wed 06-Jul-11 10:13:46


I had one done four years ago, and i'm 25wks pregnant now.

I had to see consultant because of the loop procedure. The midwife advised me that the baby can sometimes be about 3 weeks early, but went on to say she's had lots of women who've had the loop procedure and have gone on to be late.

I think they advise you at the time that babies can be about three weeks early, but that is more to cover themselves.

I've seen the consultant three times, had my cervix measured twice, and if it's over 2cm in length then you're fine. I have now been put back to midwife only care as they're happy with my cervix etc.

Hope this helps.

nunnie Wed 06-Jul-11 10:27:24

I had one and was monitored throughout my 1st pregnancy, cervix measured and internal at 27 weekish and given steroids due to cervix being soft. I gave birth to DD at 39+1 after a very quick 2 hour labour which could have been related to the procedure or could just have been normal for me.

I remained on consultant led and midwife care throughout, but I also had a cyst on my ovary which they were monitoring.

hermionejgranger Sun 10-Jul-11 09:39:07

I had one about 7 years ago now I think and it didn't even cross my mind that it could be a problem...I'm 8 weeks and have a mw appointment on Friday - is it OK to wait until then, do you think, before telling her? It's not a major problem, is it?

thegingerone Sun 10-Jul-11 21:13:15

Hi. I had a loop excision in June 2010. I unfortunately am due to have another three months post preg. (i'm 21 weeks) Had my 6mth checkup smear at about 8mth prior to loop, due to "falling off" the system. I was already pregnant (just) and didn't know. I was seen at 6 wks preg for colposcopy. By which time I realised I was pg! So I was seen at 20 weeks and will again at 30 weeks. Then three months post natal, I'll (almost def) have a loop. All above appointments are with the colposcopy clinic.

I'm also seeing a ob consultant this week because I've been warned I might be a "bit" early due to procedure thinning my cervix. I've got a scan and then see the ob to discuss. So by Fri I'll have more info for you.

All my literature at time of loop just reassured me that it would cause any probs with having further pregs. There is a box (which I was oblivious during my two prev pregs) on the booking form in the blue notes that asks if you've had a loop. I expect it's a precaution that I'm been seen and if I do have a thin cervix I'd rather be prepared with regards earlier arrival, mat leave, DH due to be out of country three weeks prior to EDD, etc!!!!!

(The colposcopy dr did insist that I turn up to my expected loop in Jan/Feb, UNPREGNANT!!!! But I don't fancy having the dodgy cells in me any longer than 12 months anyway!!!)

I don't think there is any reason for you to be told off. I am the worse case scenario at the end of the day. You haven't had your 6mth check up yet, but even if you did have any cells that needed removing (THIS is very very UNLIKELY. I am a small unlucky statistic!!) it is not a prob. You just get monitored. They can do smear test in pg even if you have to go back to colposcopy clinic to have it. They see loads of preg people apparantly!!

Fret not!!!

thegingerone Sun 10-Jul-11 21:18:21

BTW the mc risk thing was tutted away by my GP. I'd mentioned that I 'd read that I had an increased risk of mc weeks 16 to 25 due to having had "work" done on my cervix. He said risk don't refer to loop.

thegingerone Fri 15-Jul-11 17:10:14

Me again.

Well turns out the reason I was referred to Ob was to rule out risk of pre mature labour. (Scan can only tell if my cervix was thin enough to suggest labour in next 6 to 8 weeks) If it had been thinner than ideal then I guess I'd be monitored more and the issue would be dealt with. As my cervix is within a normal range they're going to see me again in 10 weeks(Not for scan) following next colposcopy (in case they've looped me I guess)

Seems that the loop excision "thing" is a risk that is well recognised and dealt with. I believe the OP was concerned about getting pg so soon after loop but it appears to me that time since loop is irrelevant.

Good luck with your pg.

hermionejgranger Sat 16-Jul-11 09:02:40

hi all

had my MW appointment yesterady and asked her about my historical loop excision and she said it shouldn't be a problem - slight risk of incompetent cervix and/or prem labour but she has done a consultant referral and said they will decide whether or not it's a problem! smile

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