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So confused???

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minibump4321 Wed 06-Jul-11 09:06:26

Hi all I came off cerazette in Oct 10 DH and i decided it was time for #2.
Dr said wait till i had first period which was Jan 11. We started straight away.
No more periods till end of April which was normal then got a light one on 18th May.

Found out a week ago i'm expecting dr said he thinks i'm 6 weeks.

I'm just a bit concerned as i feel i'm already getting a tummy and a friend said as the april and may period were so close may could of been implantation bleeding.

Want to go and ask for a scan but am i being silly?
No sign of mw app. yet?

Maitri Wed 06-Jul-11 10:56:13

No advice but bumping for you.

NorthLondonDoulas Wed 06-Jul-11 14:36:40

Confusing time early pregnancy hey! Your friend could well be right, but that does also depend on how your Dr came to the conclusion that you were 6weeks along... if he went by the dates of your LMP that you gave him then it could be wrong, however if he gave you an internal an experienced Gp should have been able to detect if you were further along than that as there is a huge difference in the size of your uterus at 10wks than at 6wks. You could ask for an early scan, but sorry to say they dont usually offer you one unless there is a medical reason or they suspect a complication - but you never know asking wont hurt! Like wise having your Hcg levels checked can be a good indication as to how far you are but once you reach 8/9wks thay start to decrease so if you are 10wks along this option may not be of much use to you. Just go back to your Gp and explain that you think you have your dates mixed up and you would like it to be checked and see what they can offer you. Good luck, try to stay patient (which i know is hard as thinking about it eats up every free second you have). Chin up and of course congratulations!x

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