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WWYD - antibiotics making me feel sick

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Bartimaeus Tue 05-Jul-11 08:42:24

I started taking antibiotics last night because I have a UTI and thrush. I'd taken this antibiotic previously during my pregnancy and it made me sick, but as I'd just finished my 10 weeks of being sick daily, I thought it was because of that.

Now however I'm feeling sick after just 2 lots of antibiotics and I have 8 days of taking them twice a day...

I asked the doctor yesterday if she could prescribe me a different antibiotic because of my reaction last time but she was very reluctant to as they would be stronger and therefore more dangerous. She said to try the ones she's given me.

So my question, WWYD? Would you try and change antibiotics or just accept that for the next 8 days you'll feel sick (and possibly be sick) ?

Am 27 weeks.

Rootatoot Tue 05-Jul-11 08:45:47

i'm not sure. i was put on anitbiotics yesterday for UTI but doc asked me first if was allergic to penicillin so I presume there must be alternatives. Don't see why an alternative would be stronger? And from what you say, maybe you ARE allergic to it? I would take the tablet you are due this morning but I would poss ring and either quiz doc again or else see if you can see someone else?

NewMummy5July2011 Tue 05-Jul-11 08:47:04

I would keep taking them - UTI's should really be treated because they can lead to more serious infection if left untreated and taking more dangerous antibiotics wouldn't be a good idea either. Do you know why the other antibiotics are dangerous? Can you ask your doctor for a further explanation?

Bartimaeus Tue 05-Jul-11 08:49:36

She said that this was the lowest level antibiotic, and that afterwards it would involve giving me penicillin etc. and she was reluctant to do that.

The booklet that comes with it says not to take when pregnant unless you've seen your doctor (but then again I suppose all medecines say that) and that side effects include nausea and vomiting...

BikeRunSki Tue 05-Jul-11 08:56:10

Is it amoxycilin? Made me feel sick too, when i took it for a UTI in pg. I was so sick anyway it didn't make a huge difference. I'd carry on, untreated UTI can be nasty.

Rootatoot Tue 05-Jul-11 09:01:24

I've just taken my tablet just now so I've read the leaflet again that came with mine. I'm on 3 day course of 250mg amoxillin, x3 per day. Says side effects can be feeling/being sick. Suggests taking with food if this is an issue, eating simple foods and small meals (little and often). If you start really throwing up, I would go back to doctor again though. Hope you feel better soon!

Bartimaeus Tue 05-Jul-11 10:29:48

It's Furadantine.

I've taken Amoxycilin before being pregnant and that made me throw up so that I would have refused, but as I said, before with Furadantine I wasn't sure if it was morning sickness or a side effect.

I have been taking it in the middle of meals, but guess that didn't make much difference.

Guess I'll just put up with it - am so not loving being pregnant! (apart from the fact I'll have a baby to show for it grin)

NewMummy5July2011 Tue 05-Jul-11 11:38:00

I recently took Amoxycilin to treat group b strep in my urine - luckily it didn't cause any side effects for me, but as the others have said, take it while eating or have it with a glass of milk to line your stomach.
I really hope the sickness doesn't get too bad for you - on the bright side only a week or so and then you will feel much better.

nannyl Tue 05-Jul-11 11:53:08

id keep taking them

im 30 weeks, and have HG. i have vomitted nearly every single day this year so far, its not nice but you need to kill of your infection properly.

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