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What would you do??

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QueenCee Tue 05-Jul-11 08:26:21

I'm 7+1 with DC2. With DC1 I bled, bright red, once a week, every week from 7 to 12 weeks. Countless scans and all private as NHS here are not very sympathetic to such things... An emergency scan for them is done in2 weeks!
Anyway... I had some pink discharge on Saturday... Panicked. Booked private scan. Consultant who did the scan said all was well. Baby was fine and the bleeding was not a MC or the start of one. He said that baby will have always died well before you get any bleeding and as I bled in my last PG I'm obviously just a bleeder.
Skip to today and I've had a bit of pink discharge again. No cramping or pain. I'm still being sick as violently as before.
We really can't keep paying for scans and the Nhs I'm sure won't be I interested.
Would you be worried in my situation? Would you get another scan despite all being well only 3 days ago.
I bloody hate the stress being pregnant causes me!! Would love a trouble free pregnancy but my first was a MMC and I bled with DC1.
Am so worried sad

Cattleprod Tue 05-Jul-11 08:47:15

This sounds horrible QueenCee - is there another NHS hospital nearby? Ours would have had you in straightaway for a scan if you were bleeding. The fact that all was ok at the scan and you have no pain is a good sign.

Fwiw, I found I often had a bleed the day after an internal scan.

If you find the stress is getting too much there's a good book called Overcoming Anxiety by Helen Kennerley. I've just been through similar to you - mmc last year, bleeding throughout 1st trimester this time, and I found it helpful.

theonlyhb2 Tue 05-Jul-11 08:48:08

try not to worry. my friend has bled throughout her pregnancy so far (now 17 weeks) and they cant explain it, even with all the scans she has had! no one tells you how common it actually is to have unexplained bleeding. and the hardest thing is that even if they find something, there isn't much they can do to stop a MC.

speak to your midwife and they might send you for another early scan to check heartbeat etc in a week or so, would put yr mind at rest smile

happytree Tue 05-Jul-11 09:47:40

I would go down to my midwife dep at hosp and demand to be checked out properly. You have ALL my sympathy as far as NHS not being supportive but you are paying for them with your NI. They should be made to do there job!!

ToriaPumpkin Tue 05-Jul-11 11:15:27

Are you doing a lot of exercise or lifting? I had four bleeds by 12 weeks and every time it was due to me pushing myself too hard to do something and popping little blood vessels in my cervix (well, that's the explanation I was given).

I also had two between 17 and 20 weeks but they seem to have stopped now (23+5). My OH eventually decided I'm a bleeder and stopped getting stressed about it and now lets me relax on the sofa when I'm tired and does all the housework for me so I don't have to push myself grin

I hope one way or another you get some peace of mind. FWIW I never went in for a scan as each time I managed to calm myself down, and as theonlyhb2 says I knew that if I was going to MC I would find out in due course and worrying wouldn't solve anything.

NorthLondonDoulas Tue 05-Jul-11 14:40:27

It may be a long wait but try going through your nearest A&E... when i started bleeding i went straight there and they gave me repeat blood tests to check Hcg levels every 48hours for a couple of weeks and a scan, a repeat scan 10 days later and i am booked for another one tomorrow. Doing it through A&E has been far more effective than going through a GP or midwives. I bled for 4 weeks and have been told that it was coming from the implantation site and was also the corpus luteum healing (the site on your ovary where the egg was released). Thankfully it doesnt sound like you have had any cramping and you had a reassuring ultrasound 3 days ago, so all sounds good - but worrying is never a good thing and it makes each day drag out and seem like a week so if you need additional peace of mind please go and do so. Good luck and keep us informed.x

CBear6 Tue 05-Jul-11 15:26:52

I was told by my MW that A&E is always your fastest route if you bleed before 24 weeks (after which it's the maternity assessment unit). A&E generally don't like to treat pregnancy or gynae issues and so will bump you straight down to ante-natal with an instruction to scan you.

I bled early in this pregnancy, went to A&E, and was bumped to the EPAU. They did a scan first thing the following morning and gave me a direct phone number so that I could go direct to them if it happened again.

I bled loads with DS too and he's just fine, I know how scary it can be though as I've had an early mc and a late mmc.

Definitely go to A&E, I know it's a faff but it is the quickest way to get a scan. Stand your ground and don't be fobbed off either. Fingers crossed everything is okay!

QueenCee Tue 05-Jul-11 16:24:12

Thanks for all your replies.
The spotting has stopped... Only seems to happen with a bowel movement (sorry tmi!) no pain or cramping at all.
I've learnt from bitter experience that a & e here is just not worth it. I went when I had a strange discharge when I miscarried. Rude, unhelpful and caused me more stress. They would not scan me and I waited hours to be told to go home and see what happens!
I was so distressed I was screaming at the Dr to do something but he told me to calm down and go home.
I now an 8 month DD and can't see how I can possibly sit in a & e for hours on end.
I had my booking in appointment with MW today.... She didn't seem unduly concerned but said to keep an eye on it and call her if it worsens.
I think this is all I can do really. I had a scan 3 days ago, I can't keep having them if I'm going to bleed every 3 days for the remainder of the PG... Assuming it all goes well.
Fingers crossed.... I guess I'm just going to have to try and relax and deal with it!!!

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