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Maternity jeans and wedding outfit

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Tillysmummy Fri 10-Oct-03 10:49:40

I am looking for some maternity jeans and can't seem to find any anywhere that fit ! I have looked in H & M and Next. Im 17 weeks but don't have a proper bump yet so don't want the huge ones just some elasticated ones or something. I don't like the ones I've seen in Next so far and the ones in H & M I like but seem to be made for women with catwalk legs ! Mine aren't short but aren't up to my armpits either. Any suggestions ?
Also have a wedding to go to when 6 and a half months (in December) and am thinking I would like to get a smart trouser suit. Any recommendations for smart but not too pricey pregnancy clothes ?

beetroot Fri 10-Oct-03 10:51:37

Message withdrawn

whymummy Fri 10-Oct-03 10:55:41

dorothy perkins has maternity jeans

WSM Fri 10-Oct-03 10:58:53

All of the above sell maternity wear at varying prices, none of which are extortionate.

waterbaby Fri 10-Oct-03 11:00:57

How about trying a maternity dress agency for the wedding? It saves guessing on sizes and means your not spending lots on an outfit you might not wear inthe future, because of funny sizes etc. We bought basics, including lots of larger sizes as beetroot suggests, but hired about three outfits through the pregnancy, for weddings/parties and our graduation. We used one in Cheltenham, but I guess they are everywhere... hey, we could even set up our own here

twiglett Fri 10-Oct-03 11:05:44

message withdrawn

waterbaby Fri 10-Oct-03 11:10:57

Can't find the one we used online, but heres a different one

Tillysmummy Fri 10-Oct-03 11:20:17

Thanks ladies. I will have a look. Hiring an outfit is a great idea Waterbaby, am loathe to spend lots of money on something I will probably never wear again.

SueW Fri 10-Oct-03 12:50:55

I was in a local dress agency today and they had a small selection of maternity wear but what they had was good e.g. from a posh frock to linen tunic and trousers to jeans so if you don't have a specialist maternity one nearby, try an ordinary dress agency.

motherinferior Fri 10-Oct-03 14:01:18

Avoid the blooming marvellous under-the-bump jeans IMO - they slipped off entirely, much to the amusement of dd1.

What size are you, though? They look nice, might fit you better, I've got a pair of size 10 available...

sassy Sun 12-Oct-03 15:06:30

For wedding outfit try - about as expensive as Next but much more bump-friendly!

Enid Sun 12-Oct-03 15:08:55

Have you seen that belt that you can use with your normal jeans - I think its called the Belly Belt or something, it was in my Grobag catalogue and I must say it looked fab and I wish I'd had one when I was pg.

baukjen Tue 04-Nov-03 18:38:55

you can have a look at it's a new company i launched with my friend a few weeks ago. maybe there's something you like there. we dont do jeans but we do some really comfy trousers. good luck

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