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Feeling puffy - get checked out?

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Trinaluce Mon 04-Jul-11 10:01:19

I'm 37+1 and for the last few days it's felt like my hands and feet are swollen, even though they're not (can still get my rings on and off as easily as I could weeks ago). They just feel as if the skin's really tight and it's uncomfortable bending my fingers. My vision went a little weird on the way down to the GP's this morning but it passed in seconds and has been fine since (nearly two hours). I checked my BP while at the surgery (dropping off something else, didn't have an appointment) and it's 110/60, absolutely normal for me.

Is it worth getting this checked ASAP or should I just mention it to the midwife at my appt on Thursday?

AKMD Mon 04-Jul-11 13:22:48

I would call your midwife and tell her. Even though your BP was fine when you checked it, visual disturbances are Not Good and your BP might be unstable (mine was like this before I had DS) and she might ask that you go in the have it monitored every 15 mins for an hour. Or she might not smile

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