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what to do, advise really needed-private watford general

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VeronaH Sun 03-Jul-11 23:17:24

ok here goes, i am nearly 34 weeks pregnant now so not long left to go. i am booked in to have this baby in watford general, now i am not from the UK so have no experience with the NHS only seen one born every minute and thats it. anyway i have already booked to have a provate room after the birth (the knutsford suite)thats fine but where my problem lies is, i really want to make sure i get an epidural and every time i have seen the midwife and mentioned it to her she kind of laughs and says you probably wont need as 2nd births are usually much quicker, my first was 9 hours and that there is usually only one anthestist on duty so if there is emergency somewhere else you will be left waiting (fair enough) but i really want an epidural. also keeps pushing the birthing centre on me too!!

anyway this has totally unerved me to the point i have made my husband pay for me to go fully private, so i sgned up to the birth team based at watford/spire bushey who i have read great things about now its going to cost about 5000 grand for this care (taking the delivery only package). i just want to know do you think its a total waste of money, my first birth was textbook the midwife said and my husband thinks its a bit of a waste of money. i know with going private they have their own anestatists so can get done quite quickley

i just want to know when i go into hospital and if i was 3cm will they give me the epiduarl or do they try put you off. also is the aftercare any better if you have a private consultant?? oh the birth team is a consultant and midwife so she is with you for the whole birth, what are midwifes like in general in hospitals here.

apologies for the mad ranting. would love any advise on going private the benefits and the NHS and watford general hospital.

thanks ladies for reading.

VeronaH Mon 04-Jul-11 10:47:27


NorthLondonDoulas Mon 04-Jul-11 14:47:04

lol your 'bump' worked....

Having a private 'package' can be good for some, but it wont make a difference to the epidural side of things. No hospital likes to give an epidural too early as it can slow things right down and can sometimes distress baby and likewise they generally wont give you one if your not far off delivering as it can prevent you from pushing effectivly which could lead to some form of intervention.

Having said that as this is baby number 2 for you, you already have some understanding of your body, so generally if you are between 3/4 cms and 8cms they should give you one no problem.

If you are worried about the NHS side of things and would like a familiar, friendly, knowledgable and supportive face with you throughout maybe you and your husband should look into getting a Doula as they are a huge fraction of the cost of having a birth privately.

Good luck and huge congratulations.x

VeronaH Thu 07-Jul-11 22:25:38

thanks for the feedback northlondon doula.

Maya6 Sat 27-Aug-11 11:04:12

I am also thinking about using the birth team at watford has anyone had them and please how did you find the experience

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