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Im pregnant - what to do next?

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Changing2011 Sun 03-Jul-11 20:50:42

I finally got my bfp yesterday after 20 months of trying smile

We have a 6 yo daughter. But Ive forgotten what to do next. Do I need to see GP and get referred to the midwife or can I just book an appointment with her? I will need to be seen by a consultant gynaeocologist as I have renal problens so I know the sooner the better but would it matter if I waited until the end of the week before making appointment? And do I need to take a wee sample? Help!

Paschaelina Sun 03-Jul-11 20:54:50

Congratulations. smile Call your surgery in the morning and ask. Its different everywhere depending on where you live.

Changing2011 Sun 03-Jul-11 20:57:10

Good idea thanks. I am feeling woefully out of touch with what to do! And we are not telling anyone until 12 weeks so cant really ask friends/family for advice. From MN Calculator I am 7 weeks due Feb.

WhipMeIndiana Sun 03-Jul-11 20:58:51

how exciting! good luck to you! x

Changing2011 Sun 03-Jul-11 21:11:41

thank you smile trying not to get too excited as I know its very early days. but the symptoms are very strong, Im so sick just like last time!

Paschaelina Sun 03-Jul-11 23:05:54

With me it was see GP, form to midwife, she contacted me and did the scan and blood referrals first, then did the actual booking at home.

I didn't feel unwell til about 11 weeks but then it stayed til I gave birth. Hope yours is the right way round and disappears in a few weeks as it should.

kri5ty Mon 04-Jul-11 07:53:44

congratulations grin

Yup with me i had to go to the GP who referred me to a midwife, who then called to arrange booking in app, then i got my scan date through at the booking in app x

Changing2011 Mon 04-Jul-11 17:30:49

Well I rang the docs for an appointment and my gp is off for three weeks! Great! I explained to the receptionist and she has reccommended "dropping in" on the Midwife - but I do work for a living and cant just hang around on the off chance I will get 5 minutes with her! Bloody rubbish our docs are. Off to shops tonight for some folic acid and ginger tea!

babydust27 Mon 04-Jul-11 19:09:08

get some vitamin d tablets too!

Im 4+4 and went to the docs last week, all they did was take my height, weight, worked out bmi then recommended folic acid n vitamin d and that was it!


Paschaelina Mon 04-Jul-11 19:50:56

Leave a message for the midwife to ring you and arrange the booking. Mine came out to me on a sunday morning. (just because thats when she was on duty and had a spare space, not because I demanded weekend or anything)

Ginger tea is great, and Carrs water biscuits, its the only thing that kept me sane at the beginning.

Changing2011 Tue 05-Jul-11 07:11:58

Hello I got my Folic acid and Im taking Vit B6 as I heard it helped sickness??

Think I will call the midwife and ask her to come when she is free rather than attending the drop in. I am going to see another doctor in the short term as I cannot wait 3 weeks to see my own GP. Did another test last night and still a strong BFP! I was worrying as my sickness trailed off sharply after lunchtime yesterday... your mind plays all sorts of tricks!

Paschaelina Tue 05-Jul-11 08:08:22

I didn't get many symptoms until around 11 weeks. I refused to allow myself to believe everything was fine until I had my scan at 12 weeks. I took a few tests over those first weeks just to reassure myself it was actually happening.

Theres a rumour that the sicker you feel, the higher your hcg level and the possibility of twins...

Paschaelina Tue 05-Jul-11 08:10:14

Oh and I always got my sickness from 4pm onwards and always felt fine in the morning.

kri5ty Tue 05-Jul-11 08:50:22

fingers crossed you wont get any sicknes hehe

I had no symtoms at all (i am 17 weeks now), other than feeling sick for about 2 weeks, but when ever i ate i felt better!! And i was never actually sick! grin very lucky

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