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Horrible thoughts - second pregnancy (planned) - hyperemesis

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AlpinePony Sun 03-Jul-11 06:30:23

I'm pregnant (~7+) with my second and have been having horrible thoughts about it all. I "want" this baby to just "go away" and not spoil our lovely family and everything we have.

I'm 99.9% sure that it's just a temporary hormonal/feeling dreadful thing because this baby (like its brother) is very much wanted (planned within hours of number 1). Last time I toyed with the idea of termination because I felt so miserable and ill with the pregnancy.

I love my babies but I'm hopelessly shit at being pregnant.

Does anyone else feel like this? I feel so alone with these feelings, I've talked to my partner about it all and we both know that it's just "hormones" but it's horrible and I know I sound ungrateful.

I just want to burst in to tears all the time.

curlyeve Sun 03-Jul-11 07:51:07

your not alone!! Im pregnant (29 w) with number one and I had hypremisis till week 18/19 and I really struggled. I wished I hadnt got pregnant at all at times, didnt know how I could go on and wondered what the heck I was doing to myself!
But now Im so glad I am having this baby smile
it might seem like a long time to go now but you've done it before so you can get through it smile you seem to have a great family with a supportive partner. your hormones are probably everywhere at the moment because your body is changing so much, maybe your gp can offer some support smile
{{hug}} hope you feel better soon

caesar04 Sun 03-Jul-11 08:00:30

HG is truly horrendous. there is a support thread on pregnancy so please have a look, Lucinda is lovely and will make you feel v welcome.

And yes I am very familiar with the feelings, said out loud several time to DH that I should not have got pg with DD and thought I would never survive it.

But I did smile and it was so worth it, seeing them together now just make my heart burst with happiness.
My DD is nearly 7 months and have DS who is almost 3 (she is currently on the floor desperately trying to crawl toward him, he's laughing at her and talking to her saying come on baby Hannah...sooooo cute!!)

Had HG with both but was worse with DD, hospital/drugs/signed off almost the whole time. Was v depressed for a while too. Its soul destroying.

You are at the worst time atm up till about 15 weeks I could barely function.

My advice:

Sleep as much as poss
Go to docs
Get signed off work if you are working
Take all the help you can
Take the drugs!
Keep drinking water/liquids
Try and get out of the house, even walk round the block (despite puking into several bushes) always made me feel better.

It is worth the crapness and I know it feels like a mountain to climb but just think you never have to do it again!!!

Please look at the HG thread and thinking of you (unmumsnet hugx x~)

theonlyhb2 Sun 03-Jul-11 08:21:39

come and join us on the support thread. We all have felt like that especially in the beginning, you wont be alone x x

greycircles Sun 03-Jul-11 08:28:11

I felt like this with both my 2. When this one is born, you will feel better that same day - the hormones causing the illness will start to go immediately. With my 2nd, I focussed on her being born and everything changing. I couldn't look after my 1st when pg with my 2nd so we both had to go and live with my mum. I did sort of "miss" a bit of his life, but we are a few years on now and it's a distant memory. Rest assured that there are a few of us who have done this and you can do it. It will be tough, but also worth it. I don't look at either of my kids and think any bad thoughts about how ill I was.

KaraJS Sun 03-Jul-11 15:39:34

I had hg terribly with my last pregnancy, it lasted from 6- around 19 weeks before starting to wear off, I remember thinking I wish this baby hadn't happened, we had been trying for 14 months and I'd had a mc two months before but I just felt so awful! Talk to your doc about anti sickness drugs and remember how ever bad the sickness is it won't be forever

AlpinePony Sun 03-Jul-11 17:02:18

I'm glad (?) To see so many feel as I do and I shall introduce myself on the hyperemisis thread.

I puked up to and including due date last time and was hoping it would be different. As my son is only 12 months I still have my stash of cyclizine which usually took the edge off for me, didn't stop the vomiting, but did dampen the nausea.

spookshowangel Mon 04-Jul-11 10:01:43

i am with you, i woke up this morning and as soon as dp left i burst in to tears an wanted the baby to just go. we are fairly new relationship wise and i thought i had got away with the sickness this time but it came on really bably yesterday we went out but had to come home and then i spent all last night throwing up he couldnt even hug me or stroke me because i didnt want to be touched and this morning was the same. then i keep thinking that is a terrible thing to think so you are not alone. i know once the baby comes i will love it to bits but right now i wish i could fast forward 9 months.

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