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CFS - which London hospital?

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ohsooootired Sat 02-Jul-11 20:07:58


I have CFS and am 5wks pregnant with my first at nearly 38. I'll be seeing my GP next week and imagine they'll want to book me in with my local hospital - But I'm sure I was once told there was a specialist maternity unit at one of the London hospitals which has specific expertise in CFS/FM? - I'm petrified about having a traumatic birth which triggers a major relapse and leaves me unable to look after the baby (I'm also potentially going to be a single Mum). I'd feel much more comfortable if I was with a hospital really understood my limitations and would genuinely take them into account in managing my delivery. I hope my GP will be up to speed - but in case not, can anyone confirm that there is such a unit in London and if so, at which hospital?


CrapBag Sat 02-Jul-11 20:49:04

Unfortunately I can't answer your question as I don't live anywhere near London but I do have M.E./CFS and 2 children and I had the same worries as you.

I did see a consultant who had dealt with M.E./CFS with my first pregnancy who just told me that M.E. doesn't affect labour (not sure how they could possibly know that tbh).

They did advise me to have an early epidural though as pain makes you more tired, the aim was to reduce the amount of time that I felt pain. I must say that the epidural was great and I slept in between.

After the birth though I was totally exhausted. I can't honestly say if it was the M.E. or not as I have no experience of having a baby without having M.E. but my next one I had a CS as she was breech and I didn't feel anything like I did the first time. I honestly believe that the labour took a huge toll on me and it took months for me to feel anything like normal again, although our living situation was shit at that time, I had PND that wasn't diagnosed until 5 months after the birth and I had no friends and was panicking about every little thing, thinking it was going to knacker me out too much. Yes it was tiring, but wasn't unbearably so, I could struggle through.

After my CS, I actually felt great! The recovery from the surgery was nothing like trying to recover after my labour, although I did have a forceps and 3rd degree tear the first time so a lot of factors that would have made me feel dreadful.

My hospital were very good and I made sure that everyone involved with my care knew I had M.E. and they usually asked me what I needed etc.

With my first, I was in the ward for the first night and I actually found it worse than giving birth. I don't know about you but I CANNOT tolerate and cope with noise around me. Luckily the second night they let me have my own room because I explained about M.E. and my noise intolerance and they said I relly needed to sleep. The second time, sections are not suppose to have their own rooms but I got put in one by accident and they were going to move me but I pleaded my case (I told them I would be relying on them a lot more for help if I couldn't get any rest - which is true) and they let me stay there. It was fantastic. If you can get your own room, do try!

Good luck. smile

NorthLondonDoulas Sat 02-Jul-11 21:24:16


I also suffer from CFS/ME, i am under a ME specialist at The Royal Free Hospital, but they wont/dont treat you when you are pregnant or breast feeding and you have to be refered by your Gp to get in with them. Im afraid i havnt heard of a hospital that deals specifically with pregnant women who suffer from the condition. My ME does suffer when im pregnant but i find that it generally gets better after i have had the baby and apparently (according to my specialist) this is a common finding in their research. As a mum of 4, a Doula and a ME sufferer, if you would like any friendly advice please feel free to get in touch if you would like. Support is generally one of the best answers to have a happy & healthy pregnancy and mum- and a happy mum equals a happy baby.x.x

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