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Guilty giving in to dd all the time

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Fifi32 Fri 01-Jul-11 17:19:02

Hi I'm new to mn I have a lovely dd age 2.8 I'm 39 wks pregnant and tired. I always seem to give to my dd all the time just for a quite life. I give in to sweets etc. And I also feel guilty that I can't play as much with her as I used to. I try and do arts and crafts and baking. But I'm just so done out right now I'm finding myself putting her in front of the tv just to get some quite time. I'm also worried how this will affect her cause she's a wee darling I think she deserves proper attention. And worried how I will cope when baby number two comes along. Sorry this is so long winded. Just wandering how others mn have coped in the last wks of pregnancy with a toodler

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