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Newbie here :)

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Stephiie1 Fri 01-Jul-11 14:44:56

My cycle is generally 28 days, but I tested positive on a Ovulation tests for the 21st/22nd June which is 21/22 days into my cycle for this month, I should be due for AF today - 1st July, but I realise that if you ovulate late then you shouldn't expect your AF till later - but within the last hour or so, I've started spotting, barely nothing, mainly just when I wipe [TMI, I know, Sorry!] pinky-red.. I basically have been having random symptoms, sore breasts, backache.. but I'd put everything down to being AF type stuff, but this is different, I've never spotted in my life.. Took a HPT on Wednesday and it was negative..Could I be pregnant.. and when would I be likely to get a more accurate answer test wise? confused Sorry, completely new to this, not sure what I'm doing.. Any help and advice would be brilliant smile Please and thank you!

NorthLondonDoulas Fri 01-Jul-11 14:51:30


Most preganacy tests should show a positive result (if you are pregnant) from the first day your period is due (some can pick it up earlier than this) but if you suspect that you could be and your period does not show up than repeat the test 48 hours later. I hope this helps... good luck.x

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