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2nd time around... big bigger and then what? how is your belly?

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mamaesi Fri 01-Jul-11 14:30:30

ok so I have been told that its normal to show sooner with second or third pregnancy... but does showing sooner mean that much bigger?

I am only 18 weeks and I feel huge. My husband has already said that I will be a beached whale by the end of the summer! (charming isnt he?) Last time I was 6 months before you could really see a defined bump.

So will I just keep growing? I know its very superficial of me but I cant help but thinking even maternity clothes wont fit at this belly doubled over night this week.
And the strange thing is I am not even eating a lot...and had weeks of sickness/barely eating at all which I did not have with my first..

tell me your experiences. please make me see i am being ridiculous.

NorthLondonDoulas Fri 01-Jul-11 14:47:20

Each pregnancy is different and it varies from woman to woman but i will share with you my growing baby bump experiences lol....

Baby number 1 i didn't really show until i was nearly 7 months pregnant but was quite big at the end of pregnancy.

Baby number 2 i showed much earlier, from about 10 weeks i started to have a baby bump and got much bigger much quicker but was probably about the same size as pregnancy number 1 by the end.

Baby number 3 i got absolutly massive very quickly and when i was about 17 weeks pregnant i got stopped boarding an aeroplane to ask how pregnant i was as they didn't think i could fly!!! By the time i was 27weeks i was nearly the same size i was when i was full term with my other babies and by the time i was 40 weeks i was much bigger than previous times but it turns out i was carrying a silly ammount of amniotic fluid which just continually flooded throughout my labour.

Baby number 4 again from about 8 weeks it was noticeable to others that i was pregnant and i did get quite big and was probably a similar size to pregnancy number 3 at full term.

I am now pregnant with number 5 and im about 8 weeks and again i am bloating like a whale lol so who knows what size i will be this time!

Bearing in mind that when i am not pregnant i am a size 8/10!

Lol and good luck.x.x

MadYoungCatLady Fri 01-Jul-11 15:18:08

It definately seems to show more if you are smaller - I was size 8 with DS1 and at 7 months people would double take and ask me how many days I had left!
I've grown into a size 12 by this pregnancy though and am showing much earlier. Think I may have started showing the morning after the baby was conceived... I'm 17 weeks now and poor DP is panicking about twins I'm so big. I've been in maternity clothes for weeks now sad But I love being huge so bring it on!

icravecheese Fri 01-Jul-11 16:59:44

I could've written this post myself - is exactly what I've been thinking with babe no3!

Didnt really show bump til about 20wks with no1, looked defo preg by 8wks with no2 (did a reading at a wedding at 8wks preg, & when I announced I was preg after 12wk scan everyone said that they could easily tell from my evident baby bump at the wedding).
Now 24wks with no3 and have had a definite & obvious bump since 12 wks. Since about 21wks have had a MAJOR bump growth spurt & look huge & have people asking how long I have left til I give birth...!!

I am usually a slim size 10. UNfortunately our tum muscles just aren't what they used to be after carrying a baby, so subsequent baby bumps do pop out much earlier, & i'm now convinced there must be some massive growth spurt that happens around the 20wk mark (give or take a few wks either side) as I've canvassed loads of friends with babies who all remember similar spurts around that time. I'm hoping bump will stay the same size now til around 28wks (otherwise I'm defo going to be measuring too big for dates at my 28wk appt!)

Jojay Fri 01-Jul-11 17:03:24

When I had DS2, I definitely showed earlier than with DS1, but in the end I think I was smaller than during my first pregnancy.

I'm now 35 wks with twins and I'm enormous, but still quite neat iyswim

mumnosbest Fri 01-Jul-11 17:24:45

This is all very reassuring. I was very surprised to find I'm expecting for the 4th time and am not sure how far along I am. I think am about 8 weeks but already have a definate baby bump so people are convinced I have my dates wrong. I also have been bigger quicker with each pregnancy.

iWILLdothis Fri 01-Jul-11 20:27:33

I'm pg with baby no. 2 and from 16 weeks I've been getting the "how much longer to go now?" question from complete strangers, each expecting me to say "due next week" or something. Family also commenting it must be twins, or that I must have my dates wrong. sad

Poppet45 Fri 01-Jul-11 21:18:08

Oh me too, me too!
With DS I wasn't in mat clothes til 20 weeks maybe? I had a friend scan my baby pic in for me to email to a friend and she asked who was pregnant. This time it was a race to announce it after the 12 week scan before everyone guessed anyway. I'm sure it was by week 10 at most. At 4 and a bit months I now look like I did when I was a good 6-7 months. And this one's a girl and is smaller than DS!? I've started telling people I'm due in Autumn rather than November, because I'm fed up with them counting how many months left that is and looking at me like I'm a circus freak.

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