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Dropping progesterone levels - bad news?

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questforanswers Fri 01-Jul-11 14:02:46

Hi guys I'm new to the whole forum thing so if I do anything wrong just tell me!!
I discovered I was pregnant exactly a week ago (by accident!) after a year ttc. I went to my GP for some RIF pain I'd been having for a few days who feared, once we made the discovery, that it may be ectopic sad
I had my levels checked- HCG 446 Progesterone 33 and from LMP felt I was about 4-5 weeks gone. He advised that I would need my levels checked again on monday to make sure they were rising appropriately. On monday HCG 1211 Progesterone 30. Gynae doc felt this wasn't proportionate so I had a scan. Scan showed a sac in uterus which could be either the pregnancy or a reaction to an ectopic. Encouragingly there was no sign of anything in my tubes. As it was too early to actually be sure they said I would have to wait until tuesday for another scan but to get my levels done again today. My HCG is now 4002 and Progesterone has reduced again to 28. I'm really concerned about the drop in progesterone levels but nobody seems to be able to give me any idea if it is significant. I am going out of my mind with worry and just hope one of you clever people could shed some light? Don't beat around the bush, I've had 5 days to come to terms with what is looking likely sad

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