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Mucus plug loss at 16 weeks?

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insprognito Fri 01-Jul-11 05:38:16

Hi I'm pregnant with no 4.Two mornings ago i woke up to find myself feeling wet between the legs.My husband and i had had sex the night before so i presumed it could be some residual semen? However when i went to the loo to check it was stringy a bit like egg white similar to when you ovulate.

About an hour later same again but this time it reminded me of the plug you pass shortly before going into labour alot thhicker and more like snot iykwim no blood no pain etc just this,but just a small amount.
Ever since i've been checking each time i go to the loo- quite often at the mo! Haven't had any more but have noticed i'm quite 'wet' in general and it does smell slightly sweet.Could it be possible that i have dislodged my mucus plug and this is a small leak of amniotic fluid?

BeeMyBaby Fri 01-Jul-11 06:37:55

I'm not sure but I think its common to have increased discharge throughout pregnancy. Do you not normally get increased mucus in your pregnancies? I think a show always has blood in it though?

banana87 Fri 01-Jul-11 09:00:36

Go get checked, just to make sure it wasn't a bit of plug and now some leaking.

LunaticFringe Fri 01-Jul-11 09:11:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Serenenfys Fri 01-Jul-11 09:26:48

I had this and panicked. Had it checked out as I thought it could be loss of amniotic fluid. Turns out it wasn't but doctors couldn't tell me what it was other than say I had heavy discharge. I was so wet that it soaked through my jeans. Happened once at 16 weeks and again at 33 weeks. Get it checked though.

KaraJS Fri 01-Jul-11 09:27:06

Get checked out to be safe, I know you can loose the mucus plug more than once during pregnancy but not sure about how early it can start

Mmmmcheese Fri 01-Jul-11 10:50:39

Don't want to worry you but i lost my mucus plug at 19 weeks and ended up going into premature labour at 30 weeks after 2 months on bedrest. It was nothing like normal discharge though, more like very very tough jelly (kind of like jelly that you buy in packets before you add water to it!).

It does sounds it could just be semen but always worth getting checked out just in case, to make sure its not amniotic fluid or anything like that.

NorthLondonDoulas Fri 01-Jul-11 14:34:29

sorry, what im about so say is maybe TMI but sometimes the next day (after sex) seamen that is still inside can turn into a blobby stringy jelly with whitish streaks in so it may well have been that.

Although not all mucus plugs contain traces of blood the majority of them do, but of course if you are at all worried than please go to your Gp or midwife and discuss it with them. And obviously keep an eye out for other labour symptoms starting.

Good luck but im sure all will be fine.x

insprognito Sun 03-Jul-11 04:29:27

Thanks ladies it seems it was a false alarm afterall.Went to get it checked out Friday and although no real explanation it seems all is well

NorthLondonDoulas Sun 03-Jul-11 13:37:26

Good good, glad to hear it!.x

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