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i am 8-12 weeks pregnant

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1natasha Thu 30-Jun-11 22:05:25

i just find out that i am pregnant , did not feel sick like with my other 3
all its was i feel very sleepy , no energy , not eating normal less , lost wait
its going on for few month now
this baby wasent been plan & he/she did not ask 2 be created
i tald my husband he was in shok , we did not plan 4 this baby ,
about 2 split up , he want me get rid of IT ( how he call the baby)
my oldest daughter 12 very happy , she happy 2 b oldest sister again look after baby.....
what shall i do i know for sure i am NOT agree for abortion NEVER
where do i go with my kids i want to keep this baby ,
i have no one here , no where to go

Flisspaps Thu 30-Jun-11 22:13:52

1Natasha my love, post over in Relationships, you'll get lots of helpful advice over there on where you can go and who to turn to for practical advice smile

AKMD Thu 30-Jun-11 22:16:27

Sorry that your pregnancy is mixed news and that your husband is not being supportive. I would make an appointment to see a midwife as soon as possible - they are very used to working with women with unplanned pregancies in troubled relationships and will be able to give you information about the support available locally as well as be a sympathetic and knowledgeable person to talk to.

I don't know enough about your situation to be able to give you much advice but I would say that if you haven't done so already, you could consider contacting Relate here, who are experts at relationship counselling and advising on separation. With regards to your husband not wanting to keep the baby, that is very sad but please do remember that it is ultimately your decision and that support is available in the UK for single mothers.

Fingers crossed for you!

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