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Anterior Placenta mean back to back baby??

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Kimmie30 Thu 30-Jun-11 21:03:54

Hello everyone,

I am 22 weeks pregnant with baby no,4 and have been told i have an anterior placenta. Apparently this results in a back to back baby and a longer labour. Is this true?? Already been told that he's a chunky baby and now worring about the birth as i had a horrific birth with baby no,2 which resulted in shoulder dystocia and nearly lost my baby. Straight forward labour and birth with baby no.3 but he did get a bit stuck due to his size and have now been told this one will be bigger so the panic is on. Any thoughts would be most welcome xxx

owlbooty Thu 30-Jun-11 21:09:52

It's not true. It's a little more likely to result in a back to back baby but if I recall rightly it's 50% of people have anterior placenta and I think it was only 1/10 end up back to back for the birth as most babies turn anyway.

I did research this months ago as I also have anterior placenta but have now forgotten the exact figures! I do remember thinking at the time though that it was not a major worry. Right now I'm 35 weeks and he's the right way around. Do not panic. smile

SleepyFergus Thu 30-Jun-11 21:12:23

I had an anterior placenta and my DD was not back to back, and I had a reasonable length labour, not long by any standards - 6 hours in hospital once contractions were at 2 mins apart.

Don't worry, what will be will be and there's always an epidural (amazing!)

tidybaby Thu 30-Jun-11 21:14:24

This is my third pregnancy, my first two were both anterior placentas. I never had any problems with back to back babies, or longer labours. I've personally never heard of it causing this, the only thing I've found (speaking from personal experience), is that it helped cushion some of the harder baby movements.

Kimmie30 Thu 30-Jun-11 21:15:33

Thank you for the replies. I think i must have a pessimistic midwife! xxxx

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