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Infrequent movements? Worried :(

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TheFantasticFixit Thu 30-Jun-11 15:59:32

Hi All

No doubt I am being paranoid, but can't help it nonetheless...!

I'm 18 weeks, and have had flutterings for the last week or so pretty much every day. In the last three days have felt the baby flitter around quite frequently, however today is completely different - I've not felt them once! Would you worry? I know it is still early to feel the baby so rather hoping this is normal at this stage.

I do have an anterior placenta so not sure if it is usual to 'feel' the baby for a bit and then them 'go behind' the placenta, IYKWIM?

moregranny Thu 30-Jun-11 16:02:44

Baby may have turned and is now kicking in a different place but if you are worried please call the midwife , x

roz1982 Thu 30-Jun-11 16:06:15

I worried around 16/7 weeks when had been feeling flutterings and then disappeared for a few days and I think its still because the baby is so small - I'm 20 weeks now and am feeling much stronger movements much more regularly - but even today after a few hours of feeling very little I got worried! think its natural. try not to worry I'm sure baby is fine but if it continues to really worry you get it checked out x

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